Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Homeward Bound Netbooks

Finally the moment has come at St Pius X for the students to take home their netbooks.  

Tonight was the night where an extremely large amount of parents gathered with their children to take home their netbooks.

The Principal (Paul Coakley) went through the TLN (Tamaki Learning Network) zoning so that the parents understood that this is a 3 stage project, where stage one is complete.  This meant that some students at the moment would not be able to link into the TLN wireless just yet, but it is coming.  

The parents took away with them a Home Agreement, which they signed before taking away their netbooks.  This agreement also had information about the Kawa of Care and the expectations the school had for the netbooks.

Maniakalani is all about - 'Any time, Any place, Anywhere' and we are finally making this an even more realistic vision.

It will be wonderful to see all the learning that the students will be able to do with their netbook at home as well as at school.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Third Week of Term 3

In Room 8 this week I taught the students how to use Google Presentations so that they can share their learning in a different way.  Check out what some of the students put together about the All Black's by clicking on the pics below.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Second Week of Term 3

This week has been a week of posting about the new swimming pool the school has for the term.  Check out what some of the students had to say by clicking on the pics below.

Friday, August 5, 2011

First week of Term 3

The students of St Pius X Catholic School are now back and 1 week into Term 3.  Many of  our students have been able to use their google doc accounts to put together a recount about their holiday experience and even reflect on their first week back.  
It is wonderful to see them all refreshed and ready to learn again.  They definitely missed their netbooks while they were away and so have enjoyed being able to get online again.
This term we have are looking forward to a lot more work being posted on the students blogs and also (fingers crossed) the possibility of finally being able to take the netbooks home.
We shall keep you all posted.