Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm A Believer

We are believers in Room 6 and believe in ourselves and the skills that we poses!!! 2008 has been a wonderful year!!! Couldn't dream of a better one!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't Stop Us Now!!

We have had a great year in Room 6 and we don't want to stop our we hope if all continues next year!!! These Year 7's from Room 6 definitely will make sure that next year is as productive as this year!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Memories of St Pius X School

Check out our filming skills that we used to make some MTV's. We have had a bit of fun this last week of school and have gotten into groups and made some mini lip-sinking videos!!! If you come to our blog over the next 6 weeks we will have a new one each week with a memory recount of someone's time in Room 6.

In Room 6 I have experienced a wonderful, focusing year of learning. There have been so many special occasions that room 6 have participated in! There were many subjects that room 6 and I enjoyed. There have been all sorts of learning happening in room 6 that will help us when we are older in the future.

The Jump Rope For Heart was my highlight for Term 1. St Pius X students had all brought a gold coin to donate to the heart foundation. It was part of our fitness. We did a lot of skipping and running so it was a very tiring day. We ended up raising a lot of money so we were very proud. There were many activities to complete and enjoy so everyone was proud that they accomplished such a fun but tiring day.

We had an enthusiastic time in term 2with swimming lessons. My highlight was the 4 weeks of traveling to Sacred Heart College for our swimming lessons. We learnt all sorts of swimming skills and used a lot of swimming equipment. It was a great form of exercise and it helped us with our safety in the water. It also helped us to feel confident in the water. We even had free time in the water to play around and have relays and races.

Term 3 was an excellent term with camp at MERC. It was a very busy time with all sorts of activities such as canoeing, snorkeling, abseiling, archery and many more. We learnt to co-operate more and show sportsmanship to one another. We had an awesome experience and learnt heaps of information that would help us.

In term 4 I really enjoyed blogging. We looked at different schools in the Tamaki area and we enjoyed seeing what the Tamaki cluster schools had been up too. Also commenting on their pieces of work. We learnt how to comment positively and use interesting vocabulary. We also transfered our work onto our blog. I had a really fantastic time blogging and commenting. It helped us a lot with our movie making and with our literacy. We are actually very good at that!!

In Room 6 I have accomplished such a marvelous amount of work this year. I learnt so many things that I've never known before. I learnt to set my goals and achieve them with the virtues inside me. It has also made me a good role-model to the younger students. There have been many exciting things to learn and achieve and I will never forget my time here in Room 6.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

2008 Graduation Film

Last night we had our Leavers Graduation for the Year 8's. It was a lovely Mass and the students and teachers had worked very hard to make it a special evening for everyone. The students of Room 6 produced a short movie for the Year 8's to celebrate their journey here at St. Pius X School.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Virtue of Responsibility

At St. Pius X we have been studying virtues for the last two years. We practise a new one every two weeks and each class introduces the new virtue each time. Room 6 is presenting the virtue of Responsibility this week. We have made a movie using our Poetry work we have done with lyrics (thanks Rm 12 & 13 Pt. England for the great idea!!) and put all of that writing together with footage and made a music video to explain to the school the virtue.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dancing Tamaki Community

We have been looking at the different places that make up our Tamaki Community. We have written reports about each of the places and then presented the places in a creative way by dancing in these places and also with members of the Tamaki community. Our aim was to bring the community together to celebrate the place where we live.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Panmure Yacht Club

There are many places for families to enjoy themselves. One good place for families is the Panmure Yacht Club. It can allow people to launch their big boats out to sea.

What Is The Yacht Club?
The Yacht Club is very safe because it has a very easy access to the life boats in the shed. They also can fix their boats on the dry-dock.

Where Is The Yacht Club?
The Yacht Club is near St Patricks and Panmure bridge school. it is on King's road in the Panmure area. The phone number is 09-5702318. the fax number is 5276397.

What can you do at the Yacht Club?
The sail training is every sunday to friday 10-am to 5-am and only 15 and over are allowed to go. It is a popular place for people to go because you can dive off the bridge into the sea.

The Yacht Club is an interesting place to be in because without it there would not be a place to store your boats.

By Ofa and Michael

Mount Wellington

There are a variety of mountains in New Zealand, including Mount Wellington which is part of the Tamaki area.

Who named Mount Wellington?
Mt Wellington was named after a man called The Duke of Wellington, but we're not sure why. It hasn't erupted since 9,000 years ago.

What is the History of the Mountain?
The native Maori call Mount Wellington, Maugarei. The lava from 9,000 years is still around Mount Wellington, but it has dried now. Mount Wellington is also surrounded by Glen Innes, Panmure, Ellerslie and has the Tamaki river nearby.

General Information:
We found out that Mount Wellington is a dormant volcano, we found out that it is a volcano by its large crater.

Mount Wellington is special to the Tamaki area because it is an icon in the Tamaki area and when people are on the mountain there is a beautiful view of Glen Innes and all the other places around the Tamaki cluster.

By Gloria and Greer

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tamaki Schools

There are a variety of schools in the Tamaki cluster like: Saint Pius X, Saint Patrick's, Point England and Glenbrae.

Saint Pius X and Saint Patrick's are the only Catholic schools in the EHSAS cluster. The oldest cathloic school in our cluster is St Patrick's (150 years old). Panmure Bridge school is named after a long bridge in Panmure. Point England is one of the biggest schools in the Tamaki EHSAS cluster. Saint Pius X school just turned 50 years old this year (2008)

Saint Pius X, Saint Patrick's, Point England, Panmure Bridge and Glenbrae all have a class blog on the Manaiakalani school EHSAS cluster website. Saint Pius X and Saint Patrick's have technology at Tamaki College every Tuesday. All the cluster schools do litercy, numeracy and Te Reo Maori.
Saint Pius X school and Saint Patrick's are the only schools in this cluster that learn about the Catholic Faith, although some of the schools in the cluster have bible studies.

Who are the Schools in the EHSAS cluster?
Saint Pius X School Tamaki College
Saint Patrick's School Tamaki Primary
Point England School Tamaki Intermediate
Glenbrae School
The Schools in the Tamaki EHSAS cluster are all focussing on developing their oral literacy skills through story telling. The variety of schools in the Tamaki EHSAS cluster are learning how to make movies.

The Tamaki schools are special to the Tamaki area because they are helping the students learn and give them better education.

By Susana, Selaima and Naomi

Glen Innes Shopping Centre

There are alot of places to shop around Tamaki, one of these places is the Glen Innes shopping centre.

The most popular store in the Glen Innes shopping centre for kids is?
The most popular shop for kids in Glen Innes is the Internet Cafe because kids always go there to play games on the computers. The 'Great Tongs' is popular because kids go there to buy chips and chicken from there.

What are some shops around Glen Innes shopping centre?
There are alot of shops in Glen Innes. Some like the 'Great Tongs', Supervalue and Domino's and many more, also plenty of dairy's

What is the biggest shop in the GlenInnes shopping centre
The biggest shop will have to be the most popularshp called 'Pak n Save'. Pak n Save is enormous it is as big as a mall and you can get house needs, drinks and groceries. It is usually always packed.

The Glen Innes shopping centre is important to the Tamaki area because it is a good place to shop, and you dont have to travel very far to get food and supplies.

By Peter and Soane

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sylvia Park

There are big things around the tamaki area, but this big mall can be found easily.

What is Sylvia Park?
Sylvia Park is a mall where hundreds of people go to shop for fun. It is also a good place to shop and sell things that are worth your money. Their clothes they sell have good fabric and Sylvia Park is the biggest mall in New Zealand.

What is inside Sylvia Park?
Many people have fun watching and laughing when they go and watch a movie in Hoyts Cinema. Near Hoyts is a large supermarket where everyone shops. They sell many groceries and the supermarket is called Pak'n'Save, Foodtown and New Save. There are many more shops in Sylvia Park. All together there are 206 shops in there.
Where is it?
Sylvia Park is in Mt Wellington near the entry of the Southern Motorway. It is on 286 Mt Wellington Highway. On Mon,Tue,Wed,Sat and Sun Sylvia Park opens at 9am and closes at 6pm, as well as public holidays. On Friday and Thursday it is open from 9am -9pm. It is in Auckland on the Eastside.

The fun Mall is special to the Tamaki area because alot of people shop there and it's the biggest mall in New Zealand.

By Ipu and Tuitupou

Internet Cafe

The Tamaki area is filled with many shops and one of them is the Internet Cafe.

Where is the Internet Cafe located?
It is located down Line road, Glen Innes. It is situated between the Mandarin Takeaways and the alley way.

Why do people go there?
People go there to surf the internet and play games. There are many different genres of games to select from, including: shooting and strategy and many others.

General Information:
People of all types come including childeren, teenagers and adults. It also costs $2 per hour and $1 for half-an hour. Its open 12 hours, 7 days a week. Going to the internet cafe gets very addictive so try not to stay more than 2 hours.

The Internet Cafe is special to the Tamaki area because without it people will have no internet access if they do not own a computer.

By Michan and Vandross

Dunkirk Reserve!!

Dunkirk Reserve is a cool place to go on a sunny day. It's a place where you can just go and have fun and for the community to come together as one.

Where is Dunkirk Reserve?
Dunkirk Reserve is on 50 Dunkirk Road, Pamure, Auckland 1006. Dunkirk is mainly called Mt. Wellington Memorial Reserve. On the opposite side of Dunkirk is a playground and houses.

Dunkirk Beach
Dunkirk Reserve also has a safe beach. People like to go there for a walk or a swim or to collect shells. Some people just like to go there and fish. Sometimes people just like to take their dogs for a walk there.

Dunkirk Rugby Field
Dunkirk Reserve has a Rugby Club to have prize givings and parties or celebrations.It also has a big wide open field. Numbers of Rugby teams go there to challenge against other teams and have tournaments. People go there to train and exercise or to just have a lovely picnic. many schools go there to play rugby, soccer tournaments or athletics.

Dunkirk Reserve is a very beautiful place in the Tamaki area and a great place for the people to come together as one community. Dunkirk Reserve is a very special place in the Tamaki area and we are very proud we have it.

By Victoria and Tyra

Panmure Round-about!!

The Tamaki area has many roads and one main areain Panmure has a huge round-about.

What is the Panmure Round-about?
The Panmure round-about is an enormus round-about where there are five streets coming off it. It is the biggest round-about in Auckland.

There are more than ten shops around the Panmure round-about. There are four main shops that surround the round-about. These shops include Video Ezy, a Mobil Station and a few car dealerships.
The Panmure round-about is very special not just because it is enormous, but because it has been there for a long time. It also is special because it has a very huge sign in the middle of it, which tells people that they are in Panmure.

The Panmure round-about is special to the Tamaki area because it is the biggest round-about in New Zealand and people go there all the time.

By Antoni and Phillip

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Glen Innes Train Station

One of the types of transport used in the Tamaki area is the Train Station.

Where to find the train station in the Tamaki area:
* Glen Innes - Glen Innes train station is on Apirana Avenue across from the shopping center in
Glen Innes.
* Panmure - The Panmure train staion is found near the K.F.C.
* Sylvia Park - The train station in Sylvia Park is near Hoyts Movie Theatre and on the other side of the carpark.
Where it goes:
The train station in Glen Innes travells from Glen Innes to Manuwera. it also travells to Britomart (Auckland city). there are two tracks on both sides of the train station. One starting from Glen Innes and ending at Manuwera. Also one on the other side starting and ending at Brito-mart (Auckland city.)

At the Glen Innes train station in Glen Innes there is a sheltered area used to keep people safe and dry. The wooden seats are built for people to sit down. there is a map of where the train goes. A timetable of the times the train comes for each destination is placed next to the map. At the train station there is a carpark and the Glen Innes shopping centre is across the road. Stopping the children and adults from going on to the tracks are painted yellow line. the Glen Innes train station is located opposite from the taxi stand and thr bus stop.

The Glen Innes train station is special to the tamaki area because it brings different people to our area and to our community.

By Malia and Viola

Pamure Fencible Cottage

The Tamaki area has a lot of history and a lot of this can be found with the Panmure Fencible Cottage.

Where is the Stone Cottage:
The Stone Cottage is situated in Panmure across the road from St Patricks school. The Panmure community relocated and restored the Stone Cottage to the corner of Kings road.

How old is the Stone Cottage:
The Stone Cottage in Panmure is the oldest building in the Tamaki area. The Stone Cottage is also around a hundred and sixty eight years old.

General information:
The Stone Cottage is owned by the Auckland City Council. It was first built where Mcdonalds is now in Mt Wellington. The Stone Cottage which is a turn of a century building has been turned into a Museum.

The Fencible Stone Cottage is special to the Tamaki area because it is the oldest building in the Tamaki area.

By Margaret & Milika

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MERC Camp!

Year 7 & 8 Camp

On a still sunny day the St. Pius X School Year 7 & 8 students went to MERC. The unbelievable year 7 & 8's went to school with funky geats. All of them were ready to take on activities that most of them never did in their lives. MERC was all the way at Long Bay and had some outstanding views. Most had no experience but they were fascinated by every activity.

The people that travelled with them were Pam, Una, Mike, Lio, Mr and Mrs Benade, Miss G and Mrs Tui. The adults were proud of the students for taking on all the activities and fo not giving up. The students were very impressed with themselves.

They went because they wanted to take part in Outdoor Education and wanted to learn more about other things that they don't know. Another reason that they went were there was to co-operate with one another and to encourage others.

The things they did was eat. The food was miraculous and was creative too. Suddenly they were called to go to the meeting room and were told that their activity was in 5 minutes. Some of the activities that they students participated in were Abseiling, Canoeing and Orienteering. The intelligent instructors took the students down to the beach for their first activities. After each activity they came back for a feed.

They came back to school exhausted and feeling amazed with themselves. Everyone was proud of themselves and were all happy to be back.

By Michael

Making Clown Biscuits!

In A World of Clowns!

Anxious but excited were the students of room 6. The moment had arrived on Monday the 20th of October 2008, for room 6 to finally start their experience. With question marks floating around in their heads the students happily waited in silence for Miss G the teacher of room 6 to return.

She finally returned one step at a time to her desk and finally picked up the plastic bag packed with the equipment and ingredients inside. Some students joyfully gave out the equipment and ingredients to each student. The equipment included for this experience was a plastic knife, spoon, a plastic plate and multi coloured paper towel. The ingredients the students got to use were a little bag of lollies (2 snakes, 2 fruit rings and 2 jubes), white powdery icing sugar, food colouring, biscuits and water.

Yes! time to finally start!

The room 6 students gathered their equipment and made their way to the front desk of their classroom. Digging in their plastic spoon in a bowl full of icing sugar....IN! it drops down on to the plate, next pouring in the two teaspoons of water then finally ready to mix together to combine all the ingredients. DRIP! DROP! two drops of food colouring crashing down to the mixture making it a colour of the students choice.
Finally ready to spoon on the coloured icing onto the crunchy biscuits. HOORAY!! time for the fun bit of this experience. The students cut, stretched and twisted the lollies to make different shapes and then layered them onto the biscuits. With laughter all around the students got to make funny clown faces or happy faces, but with creative minds the students created monsters and one eyed cyclops'.

The experience then came to an end, the students placed their biscuits on a tray, the trays got transferred to the fridge in the hall. Giving the biscuits 2 hours to set the students cleaned their untidy class and got ready for lunch.

2 hours pased by and the biscuits were ready, 3 students got the biscuits and gathered back to the class. Miss G called each student to go up and collect their biscuits. YEAH!! munch time 1,2,3, and down the black hole. The biscuits are now safe and sound and comfortable in a new home.

By Viola

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Room 6 Keeping It Reel!!

We were very excited that we had been chosen to be the 'Class of the Week' in the East and Bays Courier. Check out the article all about us!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Veisinia is relaxing when she hears on the radio that she has won the opportunity to be on a T.V. show........but is her ticket still valid?


Milika is checking her lotto numbers to find that she has won..........she is so excited until the man announcing the numbers realises he may have said some of the numbers wrong!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

So Close!!

Victoria is watching the lotto results and to her suprise she finds out that she has won the big 1st division prize..........but she needs to take more care with her ticket!!!!

Get Punked!!

Michael hears his winning numbers on the radio and is overjoyed to hear the news.......but does his excitement last????

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh What?! - Short Film

Naomi is having a nice day listening to music when she gets a call telling her she has won a lot of money......or has she????

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Scratchy Excitement

Peter finds a scratchy on the ground and so scratches it to discover that he has won $25,000......or has he?????????

Friday, August 29, 2008

St Pius X - Short Thriller Films

Room 6 have been learning about storyboarding and learning to use a video camera effectively. We were given a scenario of an event and we then had to transfer that scenario into a short film. We first had to storyboard the scenario using only 6 shots. We then worked as a group to produce the film having one person as the actor, another working the camera, one director and a sound effects person. We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy watching them.

The Scream!!

The Door Thriller

The Haunted Hallway

The Shocker!

The Devastating Moment

The Hallway Whisperer

Thursday, August 21, 2008

St. Pius X - Olympic Diamonte Poems

Nicola Coles
Muscular, skillful
Rowing, pushing, pulling
Screaming, sweating, puffing
Sturdy, joyful
New Zealand Olympian

By Victoria

Mahe Drysdale
Fast, Magnificant
Rowing, Hoping, Winning
Medals, paddle, powerful, sportmanship
Amazing, Co-operating, Believing
Amusing, Intelligent
Unique Rower.

By Milika

Valerie Vili
Hard competitor, solid,
Throwing, jumping, landing,
Shot-Put, heavy, hard, grey coloured ball,
Toughening, demanding, fighting,
Difficult, muscular,
World Champion Athlete.

By Malia

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St. Pius X - Claire Robbie Visit

On Friday 1st August kids from different schools from around the Tamaki area came to visit our school to learn how to do reports. The person who came to talked to us was a T.V Three presenter from Nightline.....Claire Robbie. She told us how to film footage and what sorts of things we should be looking for when reporting about an event. She also told us about what happens when they don't have film for certain parts of an event and they need to do 'pieces to camera'. She was very interesting and we learnt a lot.


St. Pius X - Michael Mangan Concert

We had a visit from Michael Mangan, the song writer for many religious songs!!! Watch our movie to find out about his visit.

Friday, June 6, 2008

St. Pius X - Room 2's Movie

Room 6 helped Room 2 who are a Year 1 class to make a movie out of a book that they wrote for a virtues assembly about Determination.

Friday, May 30, 2008

St. Pius X - Iron Brian

Iron Brian came to our St. Pius X school to tell us about healthy eating and the importance of eating iron. This was awesome event that everyone at St. Pius enjoyed.

St. Pius X - Duffy Assembly

Duffy Assemblies are loved by all students at St. Pius as we are lucky enough to have special visitors come and talk to us about reading and also give us our free books so that we can do lots of reading.