Thursday, September 15, 2011

Narratives at SPX

At St Pius X this term the students have been writing Narratives.  They are looking at the beginning, middle and end and trying to use good vocabulary to take their audience on a journey.  Here is Catherine's from Room 8 beginning to her Narrative.

Kohanui Street was a fabulous Street. Many people always wanted too walk down the street with their families. Often strangers from other parts of town came as well. You would never think it wasn’t a good place too walk.

Samara was a girl who lived by herself in a two story house and never slept. She always gazed outside her window keeping an eagle eye out for uninvited visitors. On a Saturday morning, a little girl named Emily and her friend Charlotte walked pass Samara’s house. They were bouncing a ball, then the ball landed on Samara’s grass.

Emily walked on Samara’s lawn and Samara climbed out of the well like a spider. Samara was out of the well like a flash and grabbed the little girl and headed back to the well with Emily. The look on Charlotte's face was indescribable, no one would have recognised her if they had been there.

Charlotte ran home and told her parents, but when she got there she discovered that they had gone on vacation and left a baby sitter. She told the baby sitter what had happened and described what Samara was wearing and what she looked like. Charlotte said, “she had red eyes, long hair that covers her face and her back, her hair was really long and she climbed out of the well like a spider and grabbed Emily”. The baby sitter angrily said, “Go to your room!”.


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Friday, September 9, 2011

Jonah Lomu Quiz

This morning at SPX we did some presentation work.  We did a simple presentation using the All Black's as our topic.  Here is the presentation I used as an example for the students in Room 6 to follow.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Feelings Slideshow

In Room 6 today I shared with them how to use the Google App Picasa. They all used their webcams and took pictures of themselves displaying 3 different feelings.  We uploaded our pictures to our Picasa accounts and then we wrote captions onto each of them.  Finally we embedded our slideshow onto our blogs.
This is my one that I used as an example.