Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Room 3 started Orienteering today.  Each student this week researched what Orienteering is about.  They discovered that it is called 'the thinking sport' because you need to think alot when you are doing it.  You need to follow a map and so we are learning how to do this.  The markers around the course are called 'Control Markers' these are where you go and click your course paper to prove that you made it to that point.  This is one sport that everyone can play, even if you are injured or not very fit.  Orienteering is also really good at helping Room 3 to work on their Team work.  Keep an eye on the students individual blogs to see how they go with their Orienteering sessions over the next three weeks.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Typing Challenge - Term 2

Can you beat Miss G?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Thought

My mother is special because she helps me and provides for me. Whenever I need advise or help I can go to my mother, that is how special she is too me. Sometimes when I am struggling she is the one to go to. Even though she shouts or gives me a hiding when I am naughty I still love her. When I am upset with something that I am mad at and people tease me because of that she tells me that it doesn’t matter what people say about you, you are special as you are.
She makes my lunch and on Saturdays when we go to the Mall she sets up my clothes for me. Whenever I am sick she takes care of me and
I am thankful for that.
That is why I love my Mum.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball Session One

“Please sit down” said Coach Bruce. “These five people go and stand by the cones”. They were the team leaders. As Bruce gave us all a number we went and stood by the person who had that number on their hands. My team leader was Salote.

The first game we played was called, “Dribbling Relay” where the whole team had to dribble the ball around the cone before the other teams finished. The second game was called, “Dribbling Cones” where you had to dribble the ball and turn your colour cone over at the same time. The third game was called, “Run and Shoot” where you had to dribble the ball and run and shoot.

Our team didn’t win any of them because all the best players were in one team. All of the games were competitions against the other teams. Each team had their own names. One of them were named Breakers, Lakers, Power Rangers, Giants and Bulls. I was in the Breakers.

I really enjoyed Basketball, I just need to practise shooting because I was the only one in the team who didn’t get the ball in the hoop. I look forward to next week's lesson and the lessons after that.