Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Day of the Year

Last day of school today for the 2012 Year 5's in Room 3.  It will be sad to see them go, we have had such a great year learning together.  We wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sonya's Netbook Reflection

Getting a netbook from the start of the year was very exciting for us here in Saint Pius X school in Room three because it was our first time having our own learning tool to learn with. We were unsure of using a netbook at first, in fact some of us got apprehensive. At first our typing on a netbook wasn’t very good, some of us typed 4 words per minute. As the terms went on we started to get more and more confident and brave using a netbook. It was amazing seeing such wonderful things on the netbook and what it could do.

Now using netbooks we have improved in learning and sharing our knowledge. Using a netbook got better and better as the terms pasted by, now we are starting to finish our work faster and we are typing faster than before. Using a netbook is much easier than using a book and a pencil like before. Our netbooks made a big difference in our learning as we find learning much more fun. Now we are getting really addicted to using a netbook because we used it for everything in our classroom.

The good things about having a netbook is that ever since we started to do our work on the Netbook we have gotten independant and we get more time to finish off our work. Usually when we work in a book our hands hurt because we would write for ages, but our hands don’t hurt that much because of typing it makes it much more easier especially with having Miss G to show how to type faster. It is also easier to publish to our class blog because before we had to write down our work in a book then we had to type it onto the computer, now we just copy and paste it from our docs.

There are some negatives about having a netbook, sometimes doing your work on a netbook can distract you because you can play games or you could go on a website that you are not supposed to go on. The other thing that is negative is when you take your netbook home you have to charge it, sometimes it could be really hard to remember to charge. It also gets really slow while you are doing your work it could freeze or it could die out. The last thing that is negative for your netbook is having warranty problems, small things can go wrong with your netbook.

What I’m looking forward to next year is learning new things on the netbook and I am looking forward to learning with a new teacher.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Savelio's thoughts on Garfield's Cybersmart Movie

1 Garfield is discussing Smartfootprint. ✔

2 Nermo was excited because he wanted to see the man. ✔

3 Nermo got in contact with ComicCat12 by sending comic cat12 a message. ✔

4 Nermo shouldn't meet comic cat12 because Nermo does not know him.✔

5) Nermo needs to be careful about the information he puts online because they might come to your house and knock on your door or ring your house. ✔

6 Yappy stands for Y-your name A-address P-password and P-Phone number Y-your plans ✔

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ana's Manaiakanalani Film Festival Recount

Last Wednesday, the whole school went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival. There we watched short films made by school kids and their teachers. The films were held at Hoyts Cinemas at Sylvia Park so we had to catch the bus to get there.

First we got onto the bus at 10.00am. We got to Sylvia Park and 10.15am and waited until we were allowed inside. On the way in, I saw my Aunty who was helping with the Film Festival and was going to be there all day.

We were lucky because we were allowed to sit on the luxury chairs at the back. When the lights went out, everyone went, “Wow!” After that, Mr Coakley introduced the show and then it started. Our class was first and we screamed with excitement and encouragement to our presenters, Rachel and Sonya.

There were 5 other schools in the theatre with us. They were Glenbrae, Glen Innes, Tamaki Intermediate and Somerville. Glenbrae’s movies were all maori movies. Tamaki Intermediate were a mix of things. I can’t remember the others though.

After the Film Festival, we walked out together and saw Pt England waiting for their turn to go into the theatre for themselves. We kept on walking until we got to the bus where the bus driver was waiting for us.

Once we were all on the bus we all sat down and rested until we were back to school. I enjoyed the Film Festival this year, but I was really tired afterwards.

That night, I went to the night session where I saw other movies that I hadn’t seen in the day session. I really enjoyed the night session and I liked it better because I saw more movies and I was with my family and friends.

My favourite movie in the day session was Happy by Room 7 at our school. I liked it because it was unique to the others and no one else had done what they did. My favourite movie from the night session was The Test by Room 18 at Pt England School. I liked it because it was really funny and nobody had done anything like it before.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Film Festival Movie 2012

Room 3 were learning how to use vocabulary effectively.  We put together three words at a time to say something important.  We used these three words to make a mini music video sharing our sentences.
What three words sum up what you are thinking?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Trailor for Film Festival Movie

This week on Wednesday Room 3's awesome Film Festival movie will be shown on the Xtreme Screen at Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinema at the Manaiakalani Film Festival.  We are so excited for our first big movie we have made to by seen by all the people at the Festival :-)  Check out the trailor of our movie!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hands on Task 6

I thought as we were studying food this term this weeks task should revolve around food so......
Using tuxpaint draw your favourite food and you eating it!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Term 4 topic

In term 4 we will be looking at Food and it's effects on our bodies and how the we can help those who are hungry.

Our topic is called 'Food, Glorious Food'.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Typing Challenge Term 4

Hello Room 3!

See if you can beat Miss G's score below by the end of the term :-)
Typing Test
Visit the Typing Test and try!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hand's on Task 5

The last Hand's on task for the holidays is to make some cupcakes with your family.  Post pictures of you baking and also a picture of the final product onto your blog.

This video below will help you with your baking.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hand's on Task 4

Today's Hands-on task is to create the floor plan of your bedroom using floor planner.  Looking forward to seeing what you create from this :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hand's on Task 3

Today’s hands-on homework task is to prepare a survival kit with mum or dad. With the recent earthquakes around New Zealand I thought this would be an appropriate task.
If you click on the picture below it will show you a list of all the recommended items you will need.
If you have already got one organised then don’t worry, you are sorted! Don’t forget to take a photograph and post it to your blog! Come on everyone, lets get organised!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hand's on Task 2

Today’s hands-on homework task is to create your own mascot for the 2012 London Olympics! How cool is that!
The official mascots for the games are Wenlock and Mandeville. If you want you can create a mascot like them by clicking here. If you want to be totally original you can design your own mascots using whatever programme you want.
When you have finished you need to take a screenshot and put them on your blog. Let's get creating!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hands-on Task 1

Today's hands-on homework task is to use Quiz Revolution to create a quiz on the Olympic games. 

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


In week 10 of last term Room 3 had a visit from ASB bank to help us 'Getwise' with our money.  The students really enjoyed learning how to look after their money and make good choices with their money.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Holiday Diary Entries

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!!

One of the students from Room 3 (Sonya) is sharing what she is doing during the holidays by putting a diary entry onto her blog each day.  It is wonderful to see what she is up to.
Click on the picture below to check out what she has been doing.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

Today Room 3 went along to the Kids for Kids Concert rehearsal.  We had a great morning of singing with 9 other schools and Suzanne Prentice.  We even had two of our students (Ana and Rachel) successfully audition for two of the solos in the concert.  Tonight we will be entertaining around 500 people at the Telstra Clear Pacifica Events Centre in Manukau.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Miss G's ToonDoo Book

Hey Room 3, I have had a bit of a play with a Web2 tool.  How about you have a go creating your own book :-)

Monday, August 27, 2012

St Pius X

Poor, Priest
Ordained, serving, receiving
Loving, kind, welcoming, humble

Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to three of Room 3's pupils who celebrated their First Holy Communion recently.  Simione, Rachel and Justin. Another step completed in their journey in the Catholic Church.
Don't they look gorgeous :-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Term 3 Topic

This term Room 3 will be looking at the Olympics - Now, Then and Tomorrow. What was the Olympics like when they started? Why did the Olympics start? How have the sports changed throughout the years? It will be exciting to see what inquiry the students do.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ana and Salote's Term 2 Poem

In term 2 we did a lot of things,
Writing and reading and we started to sing.

We dribbled the ball,
and we danced in the hall.

We ran around the school,
and we wrote lots, which was cool.

We cleaned up a little,
and we saw what we were on in levels.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Frank and Justin's Term 2 Poem

In term 2 we learned lots of things,
Writing and reading and learning to sing.

Orienteering was fun, we went outside,
Basketball and zumba all part of our life.

Just like Blue we looked for clues.
Next term we hope its all good news.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ierei's Term 2 Poem

In term 2 I liked Zumba and learning about God.
We danced in the hall and I thought I looked odd.
We did lots of writing and all went to mass.
My writing was long but not very flash.
We learnt orienteering skills and some basketball
The teachers were great and we didn't all fall.
Our 3 way conferences are today.
I hope my mum won’t chase me away.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Frank's Imaginative Story

“Go and help your Dad in the gardens” shouted my Mum. I walked over to my Dad slowly and he shouted “I want you to dig a big hole until I tell you to stop, I’m going to make myself a coffee” “yes Dad” I whispered.

“I’m bored” I said to myself. But I have to do this so I dug and dug until I stepped in the wrong place and suddenly I fell and hit my head on a hard rock. I opened my eyes and I looked around and I saw small trees and very big grass all over the place and a volcano looking like it was going to erupt. I whispered to myself “where am I?” and a giant bee flew across my face. I was scared.

I saw a giant man and he had a big body with strong legs and arms, four arms and four eyes coming close to me. I got up and ran but suddenly I tripped on the rock that I had knocked my head on. The giant man picked me up and he whispered “who are you?” I whispered back “who are you?” and he answered “I’m Four Arms”. I answered back “I’m Robin, where am I?” “you're in the Mysteries Island?” Four Arms shouted. “where can I get out of this place?” I whispered to Four Arms and Four Arms yelled “here this is a golden compass”. The compass was shiny, golden and amazing. He threw me the compass and he said “where do you live, North or South?” I opened the compass and pointed the compass to North because we lived in North and suddenly my house appeared. I walked straight then I turned back to Four Arms and he yelled “goodbye” and I whispered back to Four Arms “goodbye”. I turned and I walked straight to my house.

As soon as I got back my dad came with his coffee and yelled “stop now you can have a rest, where did you get that compass?” and lied so I wouldn’t get in trouble and said “I found it over here” and sat down for a rest.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pigeon Impossible Short Film

Last week Room 3 watched a short film called Pigeon:Impossible. It was a fantastic animated short film by Pixar. We watched this to help us understand the structure of a narrative. Each student then had to describe the plot, problem and solution that occured in the film. Here is what Kelly wrote........
Plot: In the story Pigeon Impossible there was a man who had a mysterious silver case in his hand but it was handed to him by an unknown person on the streets. He found a chair on the side of the road and he had a seat. Next a pigeon came flying down to him because he was eating his lunch which was a doughnut. The pigeon’s eyes were stuck on the doughnut for a while, but then he finally he went to try and get it. Walter did not let him have any, so the pigeon got angry then suddenly he saw the case and jumped in the case, he closed it and pushed a heap of buttons. 
The buttons in the case were actually weapons, then things got worse. Walter pushed the button that lead to the rocket so shooed the pigeon away and got the case. Walter had to fly up into the air and kill the rocket so it would stop. Before he blew it up the pigeon followed him up in the air as the doughnut was in his case, so he opened his case up and it dropped the doughnut and it fell through the clouds.  
After Walter had shot down the missile he also went down to the ground, but he didn’t fall he flew down. Walter got back to the ground then saw the Pigeon eating the doughnut. Walter walked away and next it was time for something bad to happen to the Pigeon, he got squashed by the part of the broken rocket.

Problem: The Pigeon wanted the doughnut, Walter couldn't get his case from the bird and the rocket was activated.

Solution: Walter got his case back form the Pigeon, Walter stopped the rocket by firing a missile at it, the Pigeon got squished.

Your opinion of the story: My opinion of Pigeon Impossible is that it was funny because something bad happened to the Pigeon for his naughty behavior.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ilaisaane's Imaginative Story

In the morning my mum said to me to go and help my dad and help to dig a hole. I dug and suddenly I was falling down the big hole.

I opened my eyes and I saw the yummiest thing I had ever seen and there was candy everywhere. I saw that I was in candy land and I was so happy.

Suddenly I saw someone coming closer and closer. When he was close I saw he was all green. The eyes were blue and he was an alien and he was scary.

He put out his hand and I saw something and it was a present, it was a box. There was a glass ball with a feather floating inside it. He told me to go and keep this safe from the world. I went and put it under my bed so candy land would be saved.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jane's Imaginative Story

“I need help here” Dad yelled, Mum called me to go and help. Once I got outside it was cold with a little bit of sun.
Dad told me that he needed a hole to plant his big tree so I knew when I dug the hole I would get warmer. I began to daydream because I had no one to dig with and the hole got deeper and deeper. I did not even think to stop digging. I looked back up to see that I was way too far from home. I yelled as loud as I could ”Can someone help me down here?“ but no one could hear me so I kept on digging sadly down by myself.

Suddenly I fell, I could not even see anything. I opened my eyes and said to myself “Where am I?” I looked around and felt something under my feet, I looked to the ground where my feet were, and the ground was squishy.

I was so lonely and there was no one with me. I talked to myself and ended up crying because I thought I was lost.

Suddenly a man came to me and said “who are you?” I told him my name and he said “my name is Jim-Jim”. I said “do you know where I am?”. He said “you are in Banana world”. “Banana world hahahaha“ I yelled, but it did not seem funny to Jim-Jim.

Jim-Jim was little and he had big feet, three eyes, one leg and two arms joined together and one head. Jim-Jim took me to this big house where trees grew really large. I looked around and there was candy and banana on the trees. I said to Jim-Jim “what do you call this kind of tree?” he said “In our language we call it candy cane banana trees”, “ooooooo” I said to myself.

At last he said to me “it time for you to go back home”. I sadly said “yes” before I went home Jim-Jim gave me a present to remember him. I looked to the present that Jim-Jim gave me, it was a little smooshy dog with a huge banana next to him. I said “thank you Jim-Jim” then I ran to go back home. I yelled “ goodbye Jim-Jim” and he said goodbye back to me.

When I got home I was next to the hole that I dug in my backyard. Then I went to my room and hid my present under my bed. I really enjoyed my day in Banana world and I hope that I could go there again.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Christopher's Imaginative Story

On a sunny weather day I was still in bed  then my Mum came and angrily at me and shouted at me to get out of bed. and said She “go and dig a hole at the back”.then i went to the back I started digging  deep hole.  I dug deeper and deeper. Suddenly the wind blew me down the hole. When I was in the hole I saw trees and buses and when I looked down to the sign it said Orange Mz.

Orange Mz had grass and cars everywhere.  It looked like a fun place.  

A big man walked past me, he was huge and he talked to me. He said “take this to your world”. He handed me a Bayblade, The Bayblade was round and it was hard and grey.  

I went back to my world and I kept it somewhere safe where no one would find it.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Simione's Imaginative Story

“Get up Simione” yelled my Mum. “Go and dig a hole for dad’s apple tree”.
“Okay Mum, I will do it when I get up”.
Mum got angry and she said to me “Hurry up before I get up and drag you out so you can do it”. So I got up and walked out of the house and went to the shed to grab my spade and start to dig. I asked myself “How long is this going to take?”

Suddenly I fell in this deep hole that took me to a world called Tonga. Once I landed. I saw the king of Tonga and he was so rich that I wanted to be like him. He said to me “Where are you from?” and I said “I am from New Zealand and I came here because I fell in this hole that I was digging, that is why I am stuck here with you”. I said to the king of Tonga “This place is a hot place, I would love a drink of water.” So king Misiotei took me to his house and gave me a drink. He said to me again “Take this crown to your place and I will know that you have it, Go now and hide it”.

I suddenly woke back up and checked that I still had the crown. I had it in my hand so I ran and hid it safely.


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sonya's Imaginative Story

“Sonya come here” shouted my mum. “Get ready for church but first go to the back and get some apples for your lunch tomorrow”.“Ok mum, I’m coming” I said walking outside. Before I even started picking I fell asleep. I was dreaming a strange dream and it was about a Feather Land.

It all started when I was picking apples for my mum, I fell into the hole and as I was falling it grew darker and darker and darker. Until BOOM I finally landed. When I looked around it was very, very strange. It had feather trees, strange little creatures hunting around for who approaches the King. I was in feather land.

A little mouse suddenly came up to me, he had two eyes, four feet, six arms and three ears. He gave me a present, it was made out of feathers shaped like diamonds and it had lollies in it. “What is this for?” I asked and “who are you?”. “Sorry for not introducing myself, Hi my name is Sam and I am the King’s servant. He told me to give this to you. Hide it and never give it away, if you break this the world will end our world”. “Ok” I replied nervously, I was scared that I would forget his words.

Before I could ask how to get home, the ground was shaking

“what is happening?” I thought and suddenly I was back home in the garden. I took the present to my room for safe keeping. Sadly one of my little brothers or sisters came in and accidentally broke my gift. I screamed “WHAT DO I DO NOW? it is BROKEN what do I do NOW.” I amazingly heard Sam’s voice “Calm down, what you can do is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE or you can go on an airplane as fast as you can and go to another country, now go before it’s too late and don’t forget to take your family”.

Off we went in a massive rush my Dad drove as fast as he could to get to the airport. When we got to the airport there were already people there. “Fish fingers” I said angrily as we

were pushed and shoved. “Guys look there is a empty airplane right over there” said Dad. Dad was an airplane captain and so he knew all about airplanes. “HURRY UP guys if we want to survive, our only option is die or go on a airplane and survive, so which one die or survive?” I said rushingly. Everyone went with survive and so off we went into the airplane. Unfortunately the plane needed gas but there was no gas stations around. Luckily there was a gas tank nearby. “Wait here guys I will be right back” said Dad. Finally my dad came back. “As soon as he is finished with the gas we can go” said Mum. On the radio they were counting down when America was going to end, they started from “20, 19, 18”. “Hurry up Dad or else we will be destroyed. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0” said the radio. BOOM it was shaking like a cow moving side to side, I Thanked God that we had lifted off in time.

We went to our new home town in Auckland, New Zealand Glen Innes. I went to St Pius X School. I opened my eyes to see if it was true that we were safe and it was.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Salote's Imaginative Story

I was asleep when my Dad came and yelled “Come on Salote, come and help me do the garden.” I stood up and went outside with my Dad then I heard my Dad shouted “Dig me a big hole so I can put 13 flowers there”. So I did what my Dad told me to do, I dug a hole and it got bigger and bigger but I fell into the hole.

When I landed the ground felt soft like carpet and I saw lots of Jelly wallpaper and it was so sunny. On the wall it said "this is Jelly land". I saw someone's shadow coming near me, I was so scared I was going to run away but I saw nothing just wallpaper. 

The shadow came closer and closer and said “Hello, I am Jimmy, welcome to Jelly Land” The place was small and lovely and all the people there seemed kind. I looked at him, he was tiny and had two eyes, small ears and he had small arms and legs. He handed me a small box and said “Hello I want you to take this to your land and hide it because if it is lost or broken this Jelly land will be destroyed by evil people, so keep it safe”. So I said “Okay I will keep it safe and I will hide it”. He opened the box and he said “look at this.” I looked inside, it was beautiful. A brown ball and snow coming down with a little word that says happy was in the box. “By the way how do you go out from this place?” I asked. Jimmy said “Wait, I will go and open the door for you okay”. 

Jimmy ran to the door and pressed something that said open and close. He pressed it and the door opened. I run to it and came back to the back yard. I opened my hand and I was still holding the little box so I ran and hid it under my pillow then came back and did the digging again.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Analogue Time Learning

This is Squares Maths Group sharing one thing that they learnt about time during our Measurement learning.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Message to Room 3 from Kate

Hey Room 3, check out what my Avatar Kate has to say to you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Haka Ma

In room 3 this term we have been learning Maori songs and here is Room 3 singing a song that also uses Maori vowels.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Drama TV Presentation 1

In drama this term we have been practising presenting and speaking clearly.  We created little TV reportings about either Tennis or Basketball in small groups.  After we wrote our scripts we did lots of practise and then filmed our work.  We also got a chance to do some editing on the iMacs.  Here is what we finished up with.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Room 3 started Orienteering today.  Each student this week researched what Orienteering is about.  They discovered that it is called 'the thinking sport' because you need to think alot when you are doing it.  You need to follow a map and so we are learning how to do this.  The markers around the course are called 'Control Markers' these are where you go and click your course paper to prove that you made it to that point.  This is one sport that everyone can play, even if you are injured or not very fit.  Orienteering is also really good at helping Room 3 to work on their Team work.  Keep an eye on the students individual blogs to see how they go with their Orienteering sessions over the next three weeks.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Typing Challenge - Term 2

Can you beat Miss G?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Thought

My mother is special because she helps me and provides for me. Whenever I need advise or help I can go to my mother, that is how special she is too me. Sometimes when I am struggling she is the one to go to. Even though she shouts or gives me a hiding when I am naughty I still love her. When I am upset with something that I am mad at and people tease me because of that she tells me that it doesn’t matter what people say about you, you are special as you are.
She makes my lunch and on Saturdays when we go to the Mall she sets up my clothes for me. Whenever I am sick she takes care of me and
I am thankful for that.
That is why I love my Mum.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball Session One

“Please sit down” said Coach Bruce. “These five people go and stand by the cones”. They were the team leaders. As Bruce gave us all a number we went and stood by the person who had that number on their hands. My team leader was Salote.

The first game we played was called, “Dribbling Relay” where the whole team had to dribble the ball around the cone before the other teams finished. The second game was called, “Dribbling Cones” where you had to dribble the ball and turn your colour cone over at the same time. The third game was called, “Run and Shoot” where you had to dribble the ball and run and shoot.

Our team didn’t win any of them because all the best players were in one team. All of the games were competitions against the other teams. Each team had their own names. One of them were named Breakers, Lakers, Power Rangers, Giants and Bulls. I was in the Breakers.

I really enjoyed Basketball, I just need to practise shooting because I was the only one in the team who didn’t get the ball in the hoop. I look forward to next week's lesson and the lessons after that.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Term 1 Drama Assessment

In room 3 we have been learning to speak clearly and present clearly in Drama.  We have done so well with our speaking.  Here is our assessment of speaking for Term 1 which we filmed last week.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Exciting Visitors in Room 3

Today Room 3 had some exciting visitors! We had 2 students who are in their last year of their Communications Degree at AUT come in and interview us about our netbooks.  The students are making a short film about the Manaiakalani Programme and were interested in what we were doing in our class.  
First they spoke to Miss G for a while about what she thought about teaching with the netbooks and what were the positives about them.  They then wandered around with their camera and took some footage of us working on our netbooks.  A few questions were asked of the students and they shared some great thoughts about their netbooks and their learning.  One of our students was then interviewed at her house with her Mum and they were asked about what it is like to have a netbook at home.  
What a wonderful way to end our first week of Term 2.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Term 2 Topic

This term we are going to be looking at Schools in the past, now and tomorrow.  We will be researching what schools were like in the past and imagining what they will be like in the future.
Here is the brainstorm of our prior knowledge that we put together today using

Friday, March 30, 2012

Rm 3's Vocal Performance at Assembly

Wow! Room 3 are so clever. Some of our students wrote a song for our assembly about having Faith in yourself. We then as a whole class put actions to it and presented it to the school today at our Virtue assembly. Here is the footage taken of them performing it.