Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Recount Writing!

The Year 7 and 8 students were all prepared for a first day back at Technnology! For some of them it was their first time. The bus arrived.....we were late!! We all pushed and squashed up in the bus. There was hardly any air, it felt like I was going to die! There was noises everywhere, all you could hear was people muttering.
Off the students went out of the bus still muttering their heads off until they saw the teacher coming....that was a relief!!
We lined up in rows of Year 7 and 8's which took a while. We then met our teachers, while the year 7's took off we went to ICT. I felt a bit nervous, like I was going to an interview.


It was Wednesday and everyone just finished their morning prayers "Amen", they all said as they were about to stand up and leave. "Room 6 if anybody hasn't got their music folder please get up and grab it" Miss Gleeson said nicely. I stood up with the rest of the class and went inside to grab my folder.
We got our folders and went to the hall where we took off our shoes and went up to the music class. Mrs Carter challenged us with a quiz. The quiz was hard but we carried on.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WELCOME TO 2009!!!

We are the new Literacy Class of Room 6 for 2009!!
We have been back at school now for a week and we have been looking at recounts during our Written Language time. Here are a few of our favourite recounts from this week......

As I woke up this morning, BAMM! the sun shone brightly. "Ahhhhhhh" yawning my head off and taking a great, huge stretch. I got up and walked over to the bathroom very slowly like an old man. When I reached the bathroom I brushed my teeth using my toothbrush with toothpaste splattered ontop of my brush. "Chchchchchchchch" my toothbrush went, sounding like a train on traintracks going through my teeth. I finally finished brushing my teeth and I looked in the mirror and my teeth were sparkling like golden stars in the night.

The bell shrilled as it was 10:30am, morning tea time had started and all the students had grins on their faces. They rushed over to their bags to get their lunch and hurried outside to eat their scrumptious morning tea. They relaxed on the seats as the sun shone over them like hot boiling water was pouring down on them. Gloria pulled my arm so hard that it felt like she pulled my whole arm right off. We walked around the school and past the senior playground. The senior playground was crowded like a heap of ants on a piece of old, yucky bubble gum. We walked past the field and watched as the boys played with their sweaty, red faces and girls walked around.

What an exhausting day it was! Birds chirping, sun shining bright and me feeling like ice-cream melting because it was so hot!
Walking to the church was very irritating as I was sweating like there was no tomorrow, but the weather was awesome to play in for the day. I hoped I could go for a swim so I could cool down a bit!
Step by step......walking so slowly, didn't know how long I could survive in the weather. Finally two steps away.......and then reached the front of the church. I just flopped down and relaxed till it was time to go home!!

2008 made us tap our feet!!!

2008 was a year where we were footloose and enjoyed ourselves with a range of academic subjects and a range of physical education activities.....that's about the tall and the short of it!!!