Friday, August 29, 2008

St Pius X - Short Thriller Films

Room 6 have been learning about storyboarding and learning to use a video camera effectively. We were given a scenario of an event and we then had to transfer that scenario into a short film. We first had to storyboard the scenario using only 6 shots. We then worked as a group to produce the film having one person as the actor, another working the camera, one director and a sound effects person. We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy watching them.

The Scream!!

The Door Thriller

The Haunted Hallway

The Shocker!

The Devastating Moment

The Hallway Whisperer

Thursday, August 21, 2008

St. Pius X - Olympic Diamonte Poems

Nicola Coles
Muscular, skillful
Rowing, pushing, pulling
Screaming, sweating, puffing
Sturdy, joyful
New Zealand Olympian

By Victoria

Mahe Drysdale
Fast, Magnificant
Rowing, Hoping, Winning
Medals, paddle, powerful, sportmanship
Amazing, Co-operating, Believing
Amusing, Intelligent
Unique Rower.

By Milika

Valerie Vili
Hard competitor, solid,
Throwing, jumping, landing,
Shot-Put, heavy, hard, grey coloured ball,
Toughening, demanding, fighting,
Difficult, muscular,
World Champion Athlete.

By Malia

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St. Pius X - Claire Robbie Visit

On Friday 1st August kids from different schools from around the Tamaki area came to visit our school to learn how to do reports. The person who came to talked to us was a T.V Three presenter from Nightline.....Claire Robbie. She told us how to film footage and what sorts of things we should be looking for when reporting about an event. She also told us about what happens when they don't have film for certain parts of an event and they need to do 'pieces to camera'. She was very interesting and we learnt a lot.


St. Pius X - Michael Mangan Concert

We had a visit from Michael Mangan, the song writer for many religious songs!!! Watch our movie to find out about his visit.