Monday, September 8, 2008

Get Punked!!

Michael hears his winning numbers on the radio and is overjoyed to hear the news.......but does his excitement last????


Miss G said...

Well have done well with your short film. You have shown the story to your audience well. Keep it up :-)

Mrs Ringwood said...

Cool work Gloria, Michael, Selaima and Casey. Your film keeps the audience interest throughout and I really like the close-up of Michael's face - great filming. I enjoyed your twist at the end of the film - Superb work.

Tamaki Primary School said...

I really enjoyed your short film. You showed a wide range of emotions in a very short time - very effective. What a mean punk!

SPX - Room 7 said...

Kapai Michael, great acting skills, sorry that you were punked.
No gambling

Sam and the gang