Monday, March 30, 2009

The Terrifying Test

We enjoyed working on this movie, our favourite part was taking the photos!! This is our first movie we have made and we hope to do many more! We hope you enjoy listening to our fantastic recount of the AsTTle Writing Test.


Miss Garden said...

You have described really clearly what it was like for you sitting your AsTTle writing test. It is nerve racking isn't it.
Sometimes all that nervous energy can help you to do your best though. I hope you were able to set some good learning goals from your results.
Miss Garden

Turuhira said...

I did the test to and I wasn't scared. I was exited a little. But it was hot and I needed to go to the toilet!
From Turuhira.

Anonymous said...

Hello Room 6

You had nice clear voices which made it easy to understand. We liked that you used photos to show how you felt it made it interesting.
We also feel nervous before a test.
It was an enjoyable video.

From Room 16 - Tamaki Intermediate.

Manaiakalani said...

What a fun recount you have made Room 6 - well, it was fun for your viewers even though it obviously wasn't for those who sat the test! You have made a great job of this - well done.
Mrs Burt

spxroom6 said...

That was fun to listen to, I really enjoyed watching and listening to your movie, I could easily hear what you were all saying!(GOOD EXPRESSION)

Hope to see somemore enjoyable movies

From Gloria

David McDonald said...

I really enjoyed watching this video. I know how it feels to be taking a "terrifying test". Great job!