Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Unbearable Test

During the AsTTle Writing Test in Term One the feelings of nerves we experienced were unbearable. We did well with our results but it was hard to get through the test without feeling anxious.


Glenbrae Room 7 said...

Hi. It is always scary doing a test. If you all wrote as well as you spoke, you must have nailed the test. I could really feel what you were feeling as I listened to your movie. Keep up the learning and I just know the November test will be a breeze!
Mrs Boyer

spxroom6 said...

really interesting.I loved the photography,and narration.keep up the good work.Au Revoir.

from anita

Sela said...

Hey there Room 6,
I know how you feel when it comes to doing tests, Its really nerve racking. I loved your photos and your voice over. Here's a tip on what you should do when it comes to tests, you should get books or go on the internet and find out out some information on the topic. Anyway when it comes to your next test see if this works.


pbsanimation/room6 said...

Hey Guys,

I have just watched your movie and i think its the same with our class! Was is a hard test? I bet it was. You guys put alot of effort to make this movie.

Panmure Bridge School Rm6