Monday, May 25, 2009

Who Are St. Pius X Students? - Report

St Pius X school, is full of Catholic's. They have seven classrooms, and they love to learn. They are a bunch of of boys and girls. For a big school, they are full of Tongan's, Samoan's, Maori's Niuean's and Cook Isladnder's.

Some school's wear mufti, some school's wear uniforms. St Pius X school is one of the school's, who wear a uniform. For the girls - white, blouses, a lovely green, red, white, and blue stripey skirts, and a lovely red jumper. During summer, they wear black Roman Sandals and for winter, white socks and black shoes. For the boys - grey shorts, grey t-shirt, grey knee-lengthed socks with two red lines at the top of the socks.

St Pius X students are aged, 5 years, right up to 13 years. Some of the girls are older than the boys. Some children, either boys/ girls can start in any kind of class like, 1,2,3,4 etc... They are not only primary, but intermediate too. They start from years 0 to year 8. Many of the students have a friend, cousin or brother or sister at the school.

There are many students at St. Pius X school, who love to learn. As a Catholic school they go to church for special occasions like the beginning and the end of year/term mass, school jubilee's and many more. The Holy Faith Sisters, were the founders of this Catholic school. The school was opened on the 5th February 1856. Now you know about the school so pop in and say "hi".

By Moli


Bobbi-Grace said...

Hi St.Pius X students
Great report about your school. Your school sounds interesting. Cant wait to hear more about your school and how you learn.


Tanielu T said...

Hi there Saint Pius great story. It 's good to hear about what you guys do and what you learn about!! Keep up the hard and good work!!

From Tanielu T

Sela said...

Hi St Pius X school

That is a wonderful report about your school.I really learnt a lot about your school in that report.
Keep up the good work! Some of us here have relatives at your school.

From Sela
Tamaki Intermediate

spxroom7 said...

what an exellent report Moli. You have lovely vocabulary. Keep up the good work.

By Sivihiva, Seini.M, Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

hey moli its agnes luv ur work