Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Dramatic Moment

I had to Write, direct a short film that was based on a drama.....I decided to make it about something that we experience all the time when you are at school!!!


Room 3 said...

Hi Room 6,

We liked looking at your movie. We were guessing where the pencil case might be. Great acting.

From Room 3

latai said...

that is really excellent expression guys good job.

Victoria said...

Wow, I really liked your expression when you spoke and you also spoke clearly.

Well done!
Frm Victoria Kalolo

jessica said...

Hi Anita your movie was great. I liked the part when I was suprised to check in my bag.I hope you make some more movies to watch.


Anonymous said...

anita i really like your movie
great job....

Anonymous said...

dear anita emelia jessica and semaia great
work guys
keep it up!
from Teinakura

Anonymous said...

Hi anita
that was a really great,funny and an interesting movie.I couldnt stop smiling after I watched it.

Keep up the exelent work :):)

Haley Green said...

Hello Anita! My name is Haley and I was assigned to read your blog for my college class at the University of South Alabama. This video was very creative! Great job.

Katherine Perkins said...

Hi Emelia and the rest of the students in this video.

My name is Katherine and I'm a college student from Mobile, AL.
This was a great video. I really enjoyed watching it. I can definitely say that I have gone through this moment lots of times. Great acting from all of you and great job on the video and the technical work Anita. Keep up the great work!


kristhr said...

Hi! My name is Kristen and I am a student from the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed watching your video. You did a great job making it! Keep up the good work.

Carl Herring said...

My name is Carl Herring, and I got the assignment for looking at your blog at the University of South Alabama. You did a great job with this video. It was very creative, and I was really impressed. Keep up the good work.