Thursday, November 12, 2009

Film Festival Entry 2009

We have been looking at instructional writing and so we decided to make an instructional Film on how to become G.I's Next Top Model. ENJOY!!!!


Kayla and Jarna said...

Hey room 6's

this is room15 from pt england school
we really liked you movie it was hillarious we hope you can make another movie and if you do tell us or comment us that you are.

your sincerely Kayla and Jarna

Room14 said...

Hi room 6

How do you know how to be models?
That was cool.I really like the part how there was a clown when you showed us the part of how to where make up.
Keep it up.

From Chelsea.

Room14 said...

Hi room 6

you have done a cool movie
because you now how to
be like real super modal.
I hope you make a new
movie next year if your
still their.
From Tina

Room14 said...

Awesome movie room 6.The people you chose were great choices from Dominiq

Room14 said...

Hi I really like your movie because the hair styles are so funny

From Maranda

Maree said...

Hi Rm6 your movie is so cool I like the way you have made it so oraginel.

ofa said...

hi room 6's

that was such classic film but sefo was the most funniest person out of all of them and justice too.

but then when it came up to seini her hair was so pretty, but if i saw it in person then it would rather look beutiful then the others :):):):):):):

MissA789 said...

Hey Room 6 that was amazing and fantastic!

By Angelica & Nita...

sariah said...


love the movie it

was fabulous

vaivasa said...

hi my name is vaivasa and i really like your your show very much!

xoXToreeya-RoxXox said...

Hey Room 6 literacy class!!!

Its Toryah here!
I really liked our movie how it was different form every one elses but yeah I think we did a pretty good job and I gotta say that I really liked Sefo's hair style the best!

But all the actors did a great job and I hope that next year that the new year 8's will make a even better movie and I'll be really looking forward for it!

Great job guys!


spxroom6 said...

Hay what and awesome movie loving it well I hope next year is even better


Mrs Burt said...

Congratulations Room 6 for another great movie. You have come up with another cool concept which I could see everyone in the audience enjoyed. I know you have worked very hard on this and it shows. It was great to see so many of your class members with cameos in the movie too.
Well done.

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Hi Room 6,
Thanks for the great instructions - I loved your movie. Your actors did such a great job imitating the judges!!
Keep up the gret work - your presenters did a great job at the festival too.
Well done
Mrs Nua

Chante said...

Hey I love that movie.It was original.Chante

Kupakwashe room15 said...

Hi room 6,
That movie was awesome!!It was really funny to see all the contestants acting like models.My favourite judge was the girl who was like Tyra Banks!!I can't wait to see more of your movies. :)


Chantelle Rm15 said...

Hi St.Pius,I really like your movie it was really funny.One day you should come to my school and do a fashion show.keep up the good work!!

Mrs Sigamoney TIS said...

Great idea for a movie room 6. It was entertaining and shared your learning. Your acting was superb.

Room10@Ptengland School said...

Kia Ora Room 6,
That was a great movie. I really liked your judges and their comments made me laugh! I liked the way you were very clear about your instructions too. Did you do lots of research about modelling?

Miss Lavakula

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow! That was just awesome!You guys are so talented and entertaining as well.

Mrs She @Pt. England School. Auckland!

Mr Coakley said...

One of the best movies at the festival Room 6. Well done. I loved the acting from all the judges. Watch out Peter Jackson!

Etta said...

Hi room 6 that was really cool and I mean really cool I really want to be on top I mean i have beautiful hair and all those other model tips.Nah i am so not good at modeling.You guys did a awesom job i love the actors they were really awesom.I really loved you guys and i nean really loved you guys.

Point England School

Mele A said...

Wow room6 your movies really made me laugh.I really enjoyed watching it.

By Mele Afemui

Erika said...

hi! That was awesome i wish i was a model and that i could walk like that!

Melelangi said...

HI Room6
i really like your movie

from melelangi

ALEXIS said...

Hi room 6

you rock

mara said...

hi room 6 i really like your movie it was amazing.

by racal

mara said...

hi room 6 i really like your movie it was amazing.

by racal

spxroom6 said...

Hiya room 6, that was marvellous! That was some work you did for Literacy. It was very entertaining and i hope Room 6 do another great movie next year.


brennah said...

HI IT'S BRENNAH,nice movie I liked the hair style part it was really funny good acting and i hope you had a great time filming it.

bye hope use read this.

tamika said...

Hi ST. PIUS-X school i really liked your fashion show. i thought it was amazing.
From tamika.

Maiolo said...

Hi it Maiolo,

The presenter of Glenbrae School.I am really interested in your wonderful movie.I like your advice for people to be a good model.It will be cool if you did a new movie for next year.

By Maiolo
In room7

Genevieve said...

Hi my name is Genevieve

I am from Glenbrae School.
Our movie wasn't shown when all the schools were there but it was shown on the night.
Your movie was great.

Yours sincerely


Lyri said...

Hey room6!
your movie was really great. I love the advice you gave.It was really funny and hopefully you can make another one like that next year!
Keep up the good work!
Yours Sincerley,
Lyri Manusaute

Siosaia said...

Hi its Siosaia from glenbrae

Your dance is spectacular plus you guys have a nice song in the backroundand your Michael Jackson dancer is outrageous


Seini Mino and Sylvia said...

Hi room 6

We liked your movie it was amazing. What a good idea to put up a movie up like that kind of one. We also like the information about having Hair like a model and make-up like a model and also walking like a model.
We think you did a great job and well done!

From Sylvia and Seini-Mino!
Great job St Pius!

Manase said...

Hi Saint Pius x,

Well done to all of you people, you worked hard and were brave. Tell your teacher she amazing.

Keep it up.

Room14 said...

Hi Room6

That was a cool movieto talk about how to be a model.What afantastic movie.Keep up the great work.

From Te Roimata

Tatiana said...

HEY St Pius x,

I really liked your movie and how that girls name was syra tanks.

Tatiana said...

HEY St Pius x,

I really liked your movie and how that girls name was syra tanks.

Jamie Anderson said...

Hello Room 6,

My name is Jamie Anderson,and I am a college student studying to become a teacher. I came across your blog while doing an assignment. I loved your video. It had me laughing the whole way though. Keep up the good work.

Sonya6djr54f said...

Wow room 6 I love your movie that you have made for the film festival. Keep up the excellent work.