Monday, March 22, 2010

The Flash Girls' First Movie

When we were organising our movie we wanted to give our audience a good understanding of our school. We hope that you know more about St. Pius X School that maybe you didn't know before.


Toreka Pt England said...

Hi there Angelica, Iasinita, Lavinia and Robertanna!(I hope I spelt your names right!) Your movie about your school was very decribing and was very informative. Your school sounds very interesting. Your school is lucky to have a church! I am a christian and go to Pt England Primary.
Keep up the great work!
Toreka Pt England School

ansitasia said...

Hey guys, that was great what a lovely movie

Angelica said...

Hey Lavinia I enjoyed making the video with you and Robertanna.

I hope I make another creative movie with you..


Ofa said...

Hey guys.

well that was actually a good movie girls