Friday, October 15, 2010

My Reflection of the Past, Present and Future

In Term 3 I tried my best to reach my goals. My goals were in maths because I'm not good at it and also a goal with raise my writing level. I was in vocab's group but I progressed to Paragraph's group which means I did raise my writing level.

On thing I did in the holidays was sleeping over at my Nan's place. I was looking after her and my Grandpa because my Grandpa was very lick. Luckily my Grandpa is good now because my Nan prayed and prayed for God to heal him. It helped and I felt relieved that my Grandpa is still alive.

Also during the holidays on a sunny afternoon my whole family went down for a picnic at Eastern Beach. My Mum and Aunty packed lunch - cornbeef and bread. As soon as I got there I was spread with sunblock and I headed to the water. "Oh No" I cried, the tide was out "no more water, well that stinks" I was heard to say. The heat was rising through the sand and the sand was blowing into my eyes. Me and my baby cousin just played on the sand. "Home time!" my Mum shouted. "Ooooohhhhhh" I said in a sad voice. My Mum and all of my family packed up and we went home.

In term 4 my goals are to have fun at camp and enjoy the experience. I wonder what my bed will look like? and who I am going to have in my room? Are we even going to get any sleep? The whole thing at the moment is a big question mark!!


Mrs Laing said...

Hi Jessica

After reading this, I am not at all surprised that you have moved up a writing group! This reflection is honest and well written. Throughout your writing you have remained true to yourself.

You have written about subjects and goals that mean a lot to you and we can all identify with your disappointment when the tide was out at Eastern Beach. It can be very hard when reality doesn't meet our expectations!!

Goal setting is an important tool that allows everyone to progress and grow. Thank you for sharing this with us Jessica. I am really looking forward to hearing about your camp experiences :)

Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato said...

I would be interested to read a follow up to this when you explained how the Camp went, I think you wrote an excellent piece of writing that had detail and was interesting for someone to read, even if they were not a student or teacher from St Pius X School, your writing allows me to imagine what it would be like very much. Great work.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

Agnes said...

Hey jessie lucky you that your grandpa is okay and is still alive. I like your work it's really interesting and I hope your grandpa is gonna be okay for the rest of the time.
keep your awesome work up

(bieber freak)

ilaisane said...

hey jessise lucky you didn't cry because your grandpa might die

interresting story you got their excellence