Saturday, April 28, 2012

Exciting Visitors in Room 3

Today Room 3 had some exciting visitors! We had 2 students who are in their last year of their Communications Degree at AUT come in and interview us about our netbooks.  The students are making a short film about the Manaiakalani Programme and were interested in what we were doing in our class.  
First they spoke to Miss G for a while about what she thought about teaching with the netbooks and what were the positives about them.  They then wandered around with their camera and took some footage of us working on our netbooks.  A few questions were asked of the students and they shared some great thoughts about their netbooks and their learning.  One of our students was then interviewed at her house with her Mum and they were asked about what it is like to have a netbook at home.  
What a wonderful way to end our first week of Term 2.

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