Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Room 3 started Orienteering today.  Each student this week researched what Orienteering is about.  They discovered that it is called 'the thinking sport' because you need to think alot when you are doing it.  You need to follow a map and so we are learning how to do this.  The markers around the course are called 'Control Markers' these are where you go and click your course paper to prove that you made it to that point.  This is one sport that everyone can play, even if you are injured or not very fit.  Orienteering is also really good at helping Room 3 to work on their Team work.  Keep an eye on the students individual blogs to see how they go with their Orienteering sessions over the next three weeks.

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Room 6 said...

Hi Room 3,
We started orienteering in Room 6 last week too. We agree you need to do a lot of thinking. Also we needed to think about how we work as a team because our actions can effect the team. Did you know the colour blue represents water and the colour black represents technology on a map? We will definitely keep an eye on your individual blogs.