Monday, December 10, 2012

Sonya's Netbook Reflection

Getting a netbook from the start of the year was very exciting for us here in Saint Pius X school in Room three because it was our first time having our own learning tool to learn with. We were unsure of using a netbook at first, in fact some of us got apprehensive. At first our typing on a netbook wasn’t very good, some of us typed 4 words per minute. As the terms went on we started to get more and more confident and brave using a netbook. It was amazing seeing such wonderful things on the netbook and what it could do.

Now using netbooks we have improved in learning and sharing our knowledge. Using a netbook got better and better as the terms pasted by, now we are starting to finish our work faster and we are typing faster than before. Using a netbook is much easier than using a book and a pencil like before. Our netbooks made a big difference in our learning as we find learning much more fun. Now we are getting really addicted to using a netbook because we used it for everything in our classroom.

The good things about having a netbook is that ever since we started to do our work on the Netbook we have gotten independant and we get more time to finish off our work. Usually when we work in a book our hands hurt because we would write for ages, but our hands don’t hurt that much because of typing it makes it much more easier especially with having Miss G to show how to type faster. It is also easier to publish to our class blog because before we had to write down our work in a book then we had to type it onto the computer, now we just copy and paste it from our docs.

There are some negatives about having a netbook, sometimes doing your work on a netbook can distract you because you can play games or you could go on a website that you are not supposed to go on. The other thing that is negative is when you take your netbook home you have to charge it, sometimes it could be really hard to remember to charge. It also gets really slow while you are doing your work it could freeze or it could die out. The last thing that is negative for your netbook is having warranty problems, small things can go wrong with your netbook.

What I’m looking forward to next year is learning new things on the netbook and I am looking forward to learning with a new teacher.

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Alecia said...

Wow Sonya amazing work. It does sound like you had a great year with Mrs G.Maybe next time you can tell us how to avoid all of the negatives.