Saturday, October 19, 2013

Victoria's Squash Writing

“Awesome, this Squash is going to be fun and my first day playing Squash.” 

On Monday after morning tea we came to class and then Miss G told us to go and line up outside. When we got to the hall there were two people standing there and their names were Michael and Phil. They were our coaches to tell us how to play Squash. When we played our first game of Squash our coaches Michael and Phil said it was time to go and he and his friend Phil said "we were going to do some more Squash". I wondered what we were doing the next day? 

On the Tuesday we had 20 seconds to chose your court and play in the hall.

We all started playing and when Michael came past he said we had 30 minutes left and Phil came too and asked who were the highest scores out of our two highest people were Alecia and Christopher. Next we kept on playing Squash until we finished and people kept on moving to the next court but I stayed on the same court. 


On Wednesday we had our last game of squash. We played king of the courts so we had to play for about 30 minutes. Phil asked us who were the 2 players who were the World Champians and everyone held their hands up and they told the answer which was Nicol David and Ramy Ashour.

When we were finished playing Squash we went back to class and everyone said that they had fun.

It is weird to think that Squash was created in 1830 which is a long time ago in Harrow School which is in England.

My favourite part at Squash was having fun and knowing how to play a new sport. Also I enjoyed playing with my friends and I had a really good time playing Squash.

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