Friday, June 6, 2008

St. Pius X - Room 2's Movie

Room 6 helped Room 2 who are a Year 1 class to make a movie out of a book that they wrote for a virtues assembly about Determination.


Mrs Gleeson said...

The children in room 2 really have great determination. It is good to see that you all keep trying until you get it. I like the way Room 6 are using their skills to present other classes work. Well done Room 2 and Room 6

Anonymous said...

I am really pleased Room 6 helped Room 2 to show us your beautiful book all about determination. You read your pages with such clear voices.
Well done!

Mrs Benade

tamakitoday said...

I just wanted to repeat what I said the other day Room Six. Its awesome that your putting up all this work and what a FANTASTIC idea to involve the other students in the scool with what you are doing. Room Two would have loved seeing thier work online I am sure. It will be great to catch up with some of you at Sacred Heart on Tuesday for Rugby! We're going to be filming it for our school and I reckon you should do the same so we can swap videos online at the end.

Mr Webb
Room Six, Tamaki Intermediate School.

Tina said...

I know that book "Keep Trying". You have been trying lots of things. I like your art work.

St pius-room6 said...

Excellent!!!! Very Good Room 2 you have done a great job with your Movie. You should be proud of your selves...


stpiusx said...

WOW!!! I really liked your movie room 2 its great how you spoke claerly and i loved your art work.well done room 2.

Victoria and Susana
Room 6

stpius-room6 said...

Extravagent!!!! we really liked the way you all spoke very clearly.
Your art work was wonderful and i really enjoyed the you all had a go.Well done Room 2

Veisinia & Margaret

Anonymous said...

Wow Room 2 I think your movie really taught me something about determination that I should keep trying and to never give up. You all spoke clearly and i can't beleive it how FANTASIC paintings
you did. WELL DONE Room 2 and well done Romm 6 for helping Room 2!!!


tamakitoday said...

I wanted to thank all the students that we played against in Girls Ryugby on Tuesday. Our Girls loved playing your school and it was a really tough,fair game. We're looking forward to the Eastern Zone Finals next Tuesday.
We've edited the first half of the game and put it on our blog. We didn't really have a great go with the zoom but if you log onto our blog you can check it out. We are getting the second half of the game put up this morning.
Mr Webb on behalf of Room Six,
Tamaki Intermediate School.

Room 10 said...

Hi Room 2 and 6,
I liked the pictures they were amazing. Your voices are very clear. We will look for more stories in your blog

Room 10 Pt England School

Anonymous said...

Ka pai Room 2

My name is Kim Tautari and I'm DP at St Peter's Catholic School in Cambridge. I saw your movie about your Year 8 retreat all I can say is WOW!!! You should be really pleased with your hard work. I think the writer and presenters name was Ipu (I'm sorry if I got wrong). Ipu you did a fantastic job of your oral presentation is was really clear and I could tell you had a fantastic time. Ma te Atua e koutou e Manaaki - God bless you all. Miss Tautari

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to say I viewed it at the EHSAS conference in Wellington

tamakitoday said...

Just to let you know we have put the footage from Claire Robbie from TV3's talk at your school on Friday online. Good luck for your Rugby game against Koru on Wednesday maybe you could take some film of the game or maybe make a slideshow from the footage.
Mr Webb
Tamaki Intermediate School

spxroom6 said...

Room 2!! you have a wonderful pictures and i like the way you spoke clearly.

From Tyra Room6