Friday, May 30, 2008

St. Pius X - Iron Brian

Iron Brian came to our St. Pius X school to tell us about healthy eating and the importance of eating iron. This was awesome event that everyone at St. Pius enjoyed.


St. Pius X - Room 6 said...

Well Done you two!!! You have extremely well, especially as you are both only new to the class this term. You should feel very proud of your efforts!

Keep it up.

Miss G.

Mrs Gleeson said...

Yumm!!! That sounds great. I like the way you spoke so clearly. Well done girls.
Mrs Gleeson

St. Pius - Room 6 said...

Brilliant Veisinia and Viola!!!! That was very entertaining. Iron Brion was very cool and the hamburgers were very tasty. Excellent piece of work girls.

By Pou, Veni, Michan and toria

st pius-room6 said...

well done viola and vei...i really like ur infomation about iron brion. you had very good pictures of iron brion.


Anonymous said...

Great work, Viola and Veisinia, you both worked really well together. I like the picture of the juniors enjoying their healthy hamburgers.

Mrs Benade

carla trueman said...

Well done you girls. We are in Portugal and loved to see ~that. The burgers seemed very tasty. We would love to be there....

Carla Trueman
Portugal - Porto

Anonymous said...

From Room 2...

"We loved your video" said Ana
"Your movie was good" said Lezabelle.
"It was cool" said Sefesi
"That was fanastic" said Eden

Room 2 loved watching the movie it got them all excited about Iron Brian again.
Well done girls you spoke very clearly.

st pius-room6 said...

hey wow that was did really well with your movies. i really liked your photos and the hamburgers.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm those hamburgers look delicious Veisinia and Viola.I liked the way you two spoke very clearly and I've got to tell you I would have loved to be there. Well done girls and I'm looking forward for other movies you two present.