Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St. Pius X - Claire Robbie Visit

On Friday 1st August kids from different schools from around the Tamaki area came to visit our school to learn how to do reports. The person who came to talked to us was a T.V Three presenter from Nightline.....Claire Robbie. She told us how to film footage and what sorts of things we should be looking for when reporting about an event. She also told us about what happens when they don't have film for certain parts of an event and they need to do 'pieces to camera'. She was very interesting and we learnt a lot.



www.tamaki.net.nz said...

It is really good to hear how you can put the skills you are learning at school now to use when you go to work. I am pleased that you learned a lot from Claire and it will be good to see how you use what you learned in the future. Well done Tuitupou.
Mrs Gleeson

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Tuitupou
I enjoyed reading your report on Claire Robbie's visit to your school. I was lucky enough to be there too and I learned a lot from what she told us about how to put together a news report that people want to watch. Ever since then when I have been watching the news on TV I have been noticing the things she taught us about. It must be so much fun to do that for a job :) Would you like to be a television news reporter?
Mrs Burt

Mrs Nua said...

Hi Tuitupou,
You guys were lucky to learn from an expert. Have you put her advice to use in your classroom yet?
It sounded great my daughter was there too!It's neat to see all of you in the photo learning together.
Keep up the report writing I'll look forward to seeing your next posting.
Mrs Nua