Thursday, August 21, 2008

St. Pius X - Olympic Diamonte Poems

Nicola Coles
Muscular, skillful
Rowing, pushing, pulling
Screaming, sweating, puffing
Sturdy, joyful
New Zealand Olympian

By Victoria

Mahe Drysdale
Fast, Magnificant
Rowing, Hoping, Winning
Medals, paddle, powerful, sportmanship
Amazing, Co-operating, Believing
Amusing, Intelligent
Unique Rower.

By Milika

Valerie Vili
Hard competitor, solid,
Throwing, jumping, landing,
Shot-Put, heavy, hard, grey coloured ball,
Toughening, demanding, fighting,
Difficult, muscular,
World Champion Athlete.

By Malia


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Room 6
I have enjoyed reading your diamantes and have lingered over each poem appreciating your choice of words. This was a good topic because we have all shared the experiences and can really relate to what you are saying about these athletes. Your words bring back some good memories. I was caught by Milika choosing to use the word 'amusing' about Mahe Drysdale. I haven't seen that side of him from the bits and pieces I have seen on TV so I will watch more carefully and see if I can figure out why you chose that word.
Keep up the great writing
Mrs Burt

Tamaki College said...

while I was reading your peoms I could see in my mind the funny faces that the athletes have when they are trying really hard. Thankyou.
Miss Ferguson
Tamaki College