Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Making Clown Biscuits!

In A World of Clowns!

Anxious but excited were the students of room 6. The moment had arrived on Monday the 20th of October 2008, for room 6 to finally start their experience. With question marks floating around in their heads the students happily waited in silence for Miss G the teacher of room 6 to return.

She finally returned one step at a time to her desk and finally picked up the plastic bag packed with the equipment and ingredients inside. Some students joyfully gave out the equipment and ingredients to each student. The equipment included for this experience was a plastic knife, spoon, a plastic plate and multi coloured paper towel. The ingredients the students got to use were a little bag of lollies (2 snakes, 2 fruit rings and 2 jubes), white powdery icing sugar, food colouring, biscuits and water.

Yes! time to finally start!

The room 6 students gathered their equipment and made their way to the front desk of their classroom. Digging in their plastic spoon in a bowl full of icing sugar....IN! it drops down on to the plate, next pouring in the two teaspoons of water then finally ready to mix together to combine all the ingredients. DRIP! DROP! two drops of food colouring crashing down to the mixture making it a colour of the students choice.
Finally ready to spoon on the coloured icing onto the crunchy biscuits. HOORAY!! time for the fun bit of this experience. The students cut, stretched and twisted the lollies to make different shapes and then layered them onto the biscuits. With laughter all around the students got to make funny clown faces or happy faces, but with creative minds the students created monsters and one eyed cyclops'.

The experience then came to an end, the students placed their biscuits on a tray, the trays got transferred to the fridge in the hall. Giving the biscuits 2 hours to set the students cleaned their untidy class and got ready for lunch.

2 hours pased by and the biscuits were ready, 3 students got the biscuits and gathered back to the class. Miss G called each student to go up and collect their biscuits. YEAH!! munch time 1,2,3, and down the black hole. The biscuits are now safe and sound and comfortable in a new home.

By Viola


tamakitoday said...

Viola you wrote an excellent piece of writing - how did they taste?

pesteam2 said...

Did those biscuits taste as great as they look? Did you really have to wait 2 hours for them to be ready? I know I would have eaten them as soon as I'd made them. Keep up the great work Room 6

Anonymous said...

hey wow i cant believe that i am on it i am so happy weel people this is ember tanga aka big ......

well see you later