Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MERC Camp!

Year 7 & 8 Camp

On a still sunny day the St. Pius X School Year 7 & 8 students went to MERC. The unbelievable year 7 & 8's went to school with funky geats. All of them were ready to take on activities that most of them never did in their lives. MERC was all the way at Long Bay and had some outstanding views. Most had no experience but they were fascinated by every activity.

The people that travelled with them were Pam, Una, Mike, Lio, Mr and Mrs Benade, Miss G and Mrs Tui. The adults were proud of the students for taking on all the activities and fo not giving up. The students were very impressed with themselves.

They went because they wanted to take part in Outdoor Education and wanted to learn more about other things that they don't know. Another reason that they went were there was to co-operate with one another and to encourage others.

The things they did was eat. The food was miraculous and was creative too. Suddenly they were called to go to the meeting room and were told that their activity was in 5 minutes. Some of the activities that they students participated in were Abseiling, Canoeing and Orienteering. The intelligent instructors took the students down to the beach for their first activities. After each activity they came back for a feed.

They came back to school exhausted and feeling amazed with themselves. Everyone was proud of themselves and were all happy to be back.

By Michael


pesroom10 said...

Wow! You guys must have all had a great time. I wonder if some of the activities were hard? What does MERC stand for? Keep up the great work.

tamakitoday said...

What a fantastic recount well illustrated by the photographs. It really sounded exciting and a great place to be.

Manaiakalani said...

Love your recount Michael. I have been to MERC a number of times and have stayed there for weekends. It is a fantastic place and you brought back some very happy memories. They are really well equipped for all kinds of water sports and I particu;arly enjoyed sailing there. And the food :)
Mrs Burt