Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Recount Writing!

The Year 7 and 8 students were all prepared for a first day back at Technnology! For some of them it was their first time. The bus arrived.....we were late!! We all pushed and squashed up in the bus. There was hardly any air, it felt like I was going to die! There was noises everywhere, all you could hear was people muttering.
Off the students went out of the bus still muttering their heads off until they saw the teacher coming....that was a relief!!
We lined up in rows of Year 7 and 8's which took a while. We then met our teachers, while the year 7's took off we went to ICT. I felt a bit nervous, like I was going to an interview.


It was Wednesday and everyone just finished their morning prayers "Amen", they all said as they were about to stand up and leave. "Room 6 if anybody hasn't got their music folder please get up and grab it" Miss Gleeson said nicely. I stood up with the rest of the class and went inside to grab my folder.
We got our folders and went to the hall where we took off our shoes and went up to the music class. Mrs Carter challenged us with a quiz. The quiz was hard but we carried on.


room10@Ptengland School said...

What great pieces of writing girls. Margaret, I liked technology when I was your age back then we were called form 1 and 2. What did you do for technology? We had sewing, metalwork, cooking and art.
Latai, I enjoy music. What have you been learning for music so far?

Miss Lavakula

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Margaret
I really enjoyed reading about your first Technology lesson for 2009. It reminded me of when I was in Year 7/8 and used to catch the bus for the long ride into town to have 'Manual' lessons at Te Aroha College!
Latai that was an interesting introduction to your first music lesson too.
Keep up the good writing Room 6
Mrs Burt

Tilly Thambiran said...

Hi Latai

What an interesting piece of writing. I am very impressed with the story that you have written. You should feel very proud of yourself because although you found the quiz difficult to do, you still persevered. Good on you Latai. By the way, I love quizzes as well.

Ms Tilly Thambiran

Anonymous said...

love the work margret and latai.