Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Person Description

Huni is a good man. He's been in our school for over twenty five years and he has helped our school in every single way.
He is as gentle as a butterfly and as busy as a bee. Every time you see him he puts a smile on your face.
He walks as slow as a snail with his big dirty gum boots and he loves to wear vests.
He's as peaceful as the water falls in samoa.
This man is peaceful, gentle loyal and humble.
His name is Huni.


Robertanna Moa said...

Robert I love your recount about Huni

Robertanna Moa

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

spxsuperlearners said...

Your description about Huni, was out of this world! You sound like you are Huni. You have all the details about him. He must be an awesome caretaker.
You do realise he's Tongan. lols

By Moli, Grace, Hifo, Sivihiva Saufoi, and Koloa.
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Anonymous said...

well done robert i really liked your recount it was alsome..
by emelia

Anasitasia said...

Great Robert I really like your recount. I never knew that you were really good at descriptive writing!!!!!!!!

By Anasitasia

spxroom6.blogspot.com said...

hey guys , miss me! :) hahaha not! miss SPX so much (tear tear). Keep up the good work guys .

Mrs Laing said...

Robert, Your writing about Huni is quite simply, beautiful!! When it was read aloud to us, I had 'goosebumps' from the wonderfully poetic way you wrote. I look foward to reading much more of your writing :)

nita said...

robert wonderful work a i love how you wrte he is as busy as a bee because he is...