Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Skype Experience

In room 6 on Friday 5th June 2010 we had an experience with Skyping. All the students sat on the mat, watching the electronic whiteboard, except for Dorothy and Siliva who were representing room 6 on the webcam.

At first we couldn’t see Mr Ballew because his webcam wasn’t working for us, but suddenly it appeared. The class all greeted Mr Ballew from Seattle, Washington, USA. The presenters then asked our questions which we wanted answered because we needed information on how to film something backwards.

Room 6 are now going to use the information that Mr Ballew kindly gave us and try to attempt to make our own movie that looks backwards.

Agnes – This experience was fun, because we got to talk to someone from the other side of the world.

Lavinia – I felt scared because I thought we would have to postpone it again because his webcam wasn’t working.

Siliva – At first when I sat on the chair I felt really nervous talking to Mr Ballew on the webcam.

Phoenix – We had a wonderful experience with Mr Ballew from America.

Angelica – I felt excited because it was my first time skyping with my class.

Robertanna – I felt happy because our questions were answered to make our movie.

Nita – I felt happy because Mr Ballew was compassionate and gave us great answers.

Ofa – It felt quite unexpected for me to hear from someone from a different city.

Zephaniah – I felt excited when he contacted us for the first time through email.

Macjeva – It was cool listening to his voice because he has a different accent.

Daniel – I felt excited because he was telling us information of how to film backwards.

Emmanuel – I felt very shocked because it was my first time seeing someone from the other side of the world on a webcam.

A’Leina – Mr Ballew was patient with the webcam to work for us to see him.

Dorothy – I was shocked when Miss G emailed him because he might not have emailed back……..but he did.

Anasitasia – I was surprised that we actually could film backwards…….I didn’t think that you could, but you can.

Ilaisaane – I felt happy because he got in contact with us.

Sia – I felt disappointed at first because the webcam wasn’t working and then it appeared infront of us.

Miss G – I enjoyed seeing all the students getting the answers to their questions. Mr Ballew was very helpful and hopefully we can now make OUR movie.

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Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Hi Room 6,
I think that's a great idea speaking and having a movie backwards. You're very lucky to have Mr Ballew skype with you too. Ms Gleeson has been telling us all the wonderful things you are doing. We look forward to seeing what you will show us with this.

From Miss Lavakula and Room 10