Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Film Festival Entry 2010

Room 6 were all confident while filming our movie because we gathered our media study skills and co-operated together as a group.

One of the ways that was possible to make our movie was to skype Mr Ballew from Shorewood High School in Washington DC, America. Shorewoods lipdub inspired us a lot.

Actively Involved:
While planning our movie one thing we all agreed on was that everyone would be in our movie and have a role to play.

Life Long Learners:
Our movie has inspired us to make more movies.
One day some of us hope to be the next Peter Jackson.

We hope you enjoy our movie……….. let's REWIND!


Zion said...

WOW what amazing stuff you guys did!!!!!!!!! you guys are best. It was really cleaver of you guys that you did not stop doing that movie not even once.

Mrs Tofa said...

Hello Room 6 I really enjoyed your movie. You are all such great actors. Keep up the good work.

tpsroom2 said...

I liked your movie because it was cool

tpsroom2 said...

I liked how the boy at the end jumped back on the climbing frame

Mrs Fepuleai and Room 5 of TPS said...

What a brilliant reverse music video. We loved the idea, it was really creative and effective!
Well done St Pius...Great work!

Mrs. Barks and Room 12 said...

Hi Room 6,

We really liked the idea of made your video entertaining to watch! We especially liked the boy at the end who jumped up on the climbing frame!!

Mrs Kelly said...

Room 6 - what a creative and entertaining movie - well done - everyone thought the ending was fantastic!

Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 6,

I really liked watching your movie today at the Hoyts Cinema. I liked the music and I liked your impressive the special effects.
Keep up the great work,

From Miss Paton

p.s. I will get my class to post a comment on your blog tomorrow

Talanoa Mai said...

This was amazing!! I'm still talking about how clever you all were at putting this together. It must of been such a huge task. It was well worth it as you had the audience in awe after your closing shot - spider man like leap onto the playground! You can be very proud of yourselves - only very few people in the world have pulled this kind of thing off. Look - you've put GI on the world map of 'Rewind' movies! Awesome work Room 6! Malo lava.

Jan Z said...

That was amazing - looked like a single take too! Must have taken a huge amount of effort :)

Congratulations - a great movie, and I'm sure you learned heaps too!


Ms T @ PES said...

Kia ora Room 6 - Ka mau te wehi - Awesome! Your music video was absolutely amazing! I loved the paper planes, confetti and water scenes. While sitting in the theatre I wondered how many hours went into planning the NON STOP recording. I hope you are all feeling very proud because we certainly are... "G.I Represent!"

Room19 said...

Wow what an amazing movie you guys done you must of had to put a lot of hard work into you're movie.Thanks Miss G for leaving a comment on 'Jesse' as 'Boy' Keep up you're hard work.

Anonymous said...

Kia Ora Room 6, tau ke! WOW! I liked the way you decided to include everyone in your video, it was one of the most entertaining I saw, it must of been really challenging to make, keep up the good work!
Matua Wyllis (Pt England School)

Kaycee said...

WOW that was great movie!!!!
It must have been hard! That was one of my favourite ones.
Keep up the great work!

Rocky said...

Hi st. pius x I loved your video keep it up!!!!!!!

Tanielu said...

What a mean movie!! It is so amazing and unbelieveable that you guys did that whole music video in just one shot!!!

I love the movie maybe you guys could make a career from this.

Tanielu Point England School

Room 9 said...

Hi Room 6, We liked the way you rewinded the video. It looked like magic. It looked cool when the boy jumped high onto the rock climbing wall.

Room 4and Mrs Pole said...

What an amazing movie! We really liked the music and the acting. Our favourite part was when Emmanuel jumped onto the rock wall. That was unbelievable! It was such a surprise when Siliva came out of the car. We also liked the part when the boys were walking behind Ofa.It was such fun when Angelica and the class were dancing.Great movie.

Jouan said...

Great effects you guys.
I love your movei,it was tottaly cool.
And once again Fantastic!!!


Room 3 PBS said...

Hi Room 6,

We liked your Rewind movie and how you jumped up onto the wall at the end of your movie. We liked how you used special effects with your paper and we also liked listening to the song.

From Room 3 Panmure Bridge School

Maria said...

Dear Lavinia,
Thanks for your comment. Your movie was awesome! Did it take you long to walk backwards and stuff? You are gonna laugh but once I walked backwards nearly down a flight of stairs. In the end I fell on my butt. Your schools film was AWESOME! Where did the idea come from? My favorite part was when the boy went straight back up the wall. It was cool when all the confetti and air planes flew back into the students hands. I was sitting with my class next to your REWIND advertisement stand and I had a heap of trouble trying to read the REWIND stuff. It was a PrEmO film. You guys should keep posting on your blog. Ka Pai.

Miss Lavakula said...

What an amazing movie Room 6! Your teacher told us your idea earlier in the year and all your hard work has paid off. I thought the paper darts and water effects were really effective. Well done everyone. Can't wait to see what you'll produce for next year!

Miss Lavakula

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Wow! That was amazing! We enjoyed watching it online! We did not get to see it on big screen but it was ok.

Mrs She and Room 7 at Pt England School.

Anonymous said...

Awesome movie guys. You must have practiced so hard to get that movie looking so good in one take. Well done to you all.
Miss Ferguson - Tamaki College

Waata said...

Hi Room 6,

that was a great movie. It must of been hard walking backwards looking forwards. My best bit was when the class chucks all that paper. Keep up the good work.

By Waata

Shoal. said...

WOW, Fantastic, Awesome

This is the coolest movie i've ever seen! The background is like nothing that I watch onT.V! Please show my class how to do it. Very Cleaver! Keep these movies coming.

Shoal [Pt England School]

beni said...

Malo St-pius school

Awsome movie that was great
I really liked the way you's have filmed, it must have been difficult Job!..

Vivienne said...

Hi Room 6,
I enjoyed your movie because it was cool. I like the bit at the end because you jumped of. It must of been hard because you had to walk backwards. Good Job.

Raenan said...

Hey room 6,

Awesome movie. The part I liked the best was when one of the boys jumped up. keep up the awesome work. I hope you guys will make another movie as cool as this one.

Starford said...

Heyguys that was an amazing post, How did you do that. With all the rewinding I favorite part was when the boy jumped onto the playground. By the way great work!!!!!!!

Tauwhare said...

Hi guys I like to rewind to. Its so cool watching you rewind it is awesome did you know that. I hope I could rewind just like you guys. Well hope you keep up the great work. From Tauwhare.

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Room 6

I loved your movie! It was original and interesting to watch. It must of taken quite a bit of planning and thinking to organise the scenes so that when it was time to rewind, it would all work out. Very clever of you!

Ashlee said...

Hi room6 room12 from PointEngland loved your movie

Gabriel said...

Kia ora room 6. What a great movie you guys done. Was it cool making it? and was it hard? It is a really great movie guys. So keep it up.

From Gabriel.

Crusader said...

Hey Room 6
Your movie was awsome. Your rewinding was great to. You have such great people to act. Keep up the great work


Angela said...

Hi room 6
I really liked your movie and you were smart at learning how to do that and I hope that we can take some ideas from that and maybe try it for them selves
Pt England

Litia said...

Hi Room 6,

That was so cool!! Your movie was my favourite. I thought it was very clever,but it took me a while to figure out what your filming actually looked out before it was flipped. It was very confusing.I hope if we have another film festival your movie will be as good as this one.


kobe said...

that was a cool movie how did you Jump that hi i could never do that.


Makerita said...

Hi Room6,
I really love the way you all had acted in that movie even the people in the background. You all were fantastic. I really think that when you all grow up you all will be getting a job like being a movie star. Keep up the good work.
From Makerita.

Mrs Laing said...

Kia ora Room 6

It is so wonderful to see your finished movie!

I have been looking foward to watching ever since I heard your ideas and saw your skyping session with Mr Bellew from Shorewood High in America.

I'm sure it would have looked fantastic on the big screen. It can be a little bit hard at times to see the wonder of all your special effects on my small screen but I can most certainly see enough to know how hard you have all worked to get this completed!!!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post a comment. I have been studying for exams and working. I will try and catch-up with all of your other amazing work.

Ka pai Room 6!! Thanks for putting this on your blog and sharing it with the world.

Mrs Laing

Brooklyn said...

Hi room 6,
Wow! what a movie and all the cool stuff you did. I liked how at the end the boy jumped on to the climbing frame. I would like to see this again and maybe I will,Keep up the great work.

Shoal said...

Hi Guys

I've just published our rewind movie on to my blog and hope for you to check it out. Our movie is about one of our korero's, Purua to Potae.


Shoal said...

Hi Room 6

The extension group has just published our rewind movie on our blogs as well. If you want to check it out go to the name above, Shoal. Our rewind movie is about one of our koreros, Purua To Potae. I Hope You Enjoy!


Vivienne said...

WOPW, that was amazing. Doing it backwards is hard especially for doing it for 3 min. You should came on my blog because even I tryed to do it and it was easy only because it was 30 seconds. Anyway good job.



kapri said...

wow that was great ans amazing I wonder how you rewinded? Because that was fantastic!!!

kapri said...

Hello room6

WOW!! I like what you do and one day you should teach my class and school that because all of my class is always trying to do the rewind and they never get it right and they try and try and try but they still don't get it right.

Arihi said...

Wow!I really liked your movie it was so entertaining.

Munokoa said...

Wow! that was awesome I can't wait for your guys 2014 video.

Munokoa said...

Wow! that was awesome I can't wait for the next 2014 video.