Friday, November 19, 2010

G. I. Movies

Stomp, stomp, went room6 through to the Extreme screen. Up the stairs year 8 and 7 sat down on the red couches. They all looked comfortable. They were there to gather for the Tamaki cluster to show other schools their movies, and what they had learnt. Suddenly the movie began, the room six’s eyes popped out as they were filled with excitement like children with presents. Movie by movie was shown to everyone. Year 7’s and 8’s students loved the lazy boy chairs as it comes out slowly going up with their legs. St Pius School stood up and screamed loud when Angelica and Lavinia walked up to tell other schools what it was about. At the end the film festival room 6 walked out of Hoyts. Room 6 couldn’t decide which one was their favourite movie, so! Their favourite was all of them. They all went back to the bus and left Sylvia Park.


Angelica said...

well done fetuli i enjoyed every bit and every sentence in your description. keep up the hard effort and keep the great work coming because I am interested to read more of your writing.


lee said...

wow fetuli I loved your description about what u did.Your hook was very interesting to read keep the good description.