Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Great Tool

Many students agree that the net books we use are a great tool because, it helps us more with our learning.
If we are studying on the Silver ferns netball team we can just jump on the Internet and search for them right away. It’s a faster and easier way.
I believe that the net book is an awesome tool because, when we want to ask our teacher something and with the class not knowing, we can just ask them on chat or email.
The net book is really fun to use. It helps me with my blogging, searching also helps me with typing skills. It really helps me with my spelling and because we can share our work with our teachers and other people.
I hope that I will try hard on my work, plus work hard to achieve my goals.

By Dorothy


malia v said...

Hi Dorothy,

Great piece of writing
Keep it up!

Angelica.S said...

Awesome writing Dorothy,

I love the way you share so many reasons with everyone why you think net-books are great learning tools.

Keep it up!

Annie a.k.a Angelica.S a.k.a Bestie:)