Saturday, June 25, 2011

The netbook is a great learning tool because.......

* It is quicker than handwriting and you don’t need to sharpen your pencil. My example is if you learn how to “touch-type”, you can see it is much faster.
* It is easier to learn faster and not just looking at the white board being bored. My example is if I didn't listen I would have a second chance.
* We can use Internet like a library but different. We don’t need to share computers. We can just use a netbook of our own.

Netbooks are a great tool, it helps you a lot with your learning. It is better than a pen and a pencil. No more getting bored and just staring at the board all the time. The teacher can just send what you have to do. That's why the netbook is a great tool.
By Robertanna

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