Monday, July 18, 2011

Are Net books a great tool?

These net books are a great tool but it could make us lose our handwriting skills. We can use this equipment but not all the time we have to get ready for college because some people can get really lazy and tired of writing. Then comes confidence, they can just chat online line with each other but when they go college will they have the confidence to talk to people face to face?
Cyber Bullying its very dangerous, is it really worth it?

Students look like they on tasks, but are they? there are a lot of inappropriate websites like Face Book and YouTube and Games. One click of a button and your there.
What happens if someone or your child drops or breaks your net book? will you get a refund or do you have to keep on paying?

In our maths there a calculators installed in our net books so people who find math exhausting they have some help.

Net books are very addicted in room 7, they just can’t keep they hand off the net books our teacher and sometimes our teacher Mrs Tui gets very frustrated.

By Simone

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