Friday, July 1, 2011

Is Our Net Book a good learning tool?

Yes our net book a good learning tool as I know from what others in the class have told me it is benefiting them as well.

We do most of our reading, writing and some of our maths on our Net Book. It helps me lots and it is very useful and I am getting used to. It is clear that the net book is not a tool for playing games or anything like that. Many people agree our net book is for learning but we are allowed to play educational games like tux typing and tux maths.

Everyone uses computers in business and so by me learning with a netbook it is allowing me to build up my computer skills and allow me to experience the benefits when I go out into the work force.

That is my opinion on weather or not our netbook is a good learning tool.


Selena said...

Hi Miss G,
Thanks for the comment on my post about my Maths Problem. I will need to use it a lot in the future.

I agree with your perspective. I think that our Net book is helping us learn in a more better way. We DO do most of our writing and reading on them. My hopes for the future are to see if there are MORE uses for these Net books.

Thanks again for commenting on my blog.

Mowbray said...

Hi Miss G,

My name is Mowbray and i am from Tamaki Intermediate.

I have read your writing "Is our Net book a good learning tool?". I think this writing is very good because you have lots of information on what you can do on it and I also agree with you that Net books are good learning tools.