Friday, June 29, 2012

Salote's Imaginative Story

I was asleep when my Dad came and yelled “Come on Salote, come and help me do the garden.” I stood up and went outside with my Dad then I heard my Dad shouted “Dig me a big hole so I can put 13 flowers there”. So I did what my Dad told me to do, I dug a hole and it got bigger and bigger but I fell into the hole.

When I landed the ground felt soft like carpet and I saw lots of Jelly wallpaper and it was so sunny. On the wall it said "this is Jelly land". I saw someone's shadow coming near me, I was so scared I was going to run away but I saw nothing just wallpaper. 

The shadow came closer and closer and said “Hello, I am Jimmy, welcome to Jelly Land” The place was small and lovely and all the people there seemed kind. I looked at him, he was tiny and had two eyes, small ears and he had small arms and legs. He handed me a small box and said “Hello I want you to take this to your land and hide it because if it is lost or broken this Jelly land will be destroyed by evil people, so keep it safe”. So I said “Okay I will keep it safe and I will hide it”. He opened the box and he said “look at this.” I looked inside, it was beautiful. A brown ball and snow coming down with a little word that says happy was in the box. “By the way how do you go out from this place?” I asked. Jimmy said “Wait, I will go and open the door for you okay”. 

Jimmy ran to the door and pressed something that said open and close. He pressed it and the door opened. I run to it and came back to the back yard. I opened my hand and I was still holding the little box so I ran and hid it under my pillow then came back and did the digging again.

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