Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sonya's Imaginative Story

“Sonya come here” shouted my mum. “Get ready for church but first go to the back and get some apples for your lunch tomorrow”.“Ok mum, I’m coming” I said walking outside. Before I even started picking I fell asleep. I was dreaming a strange dream and it was about a Feather Land.

It all started when I was picking apples for my mum, I fell into the hole and as I was falling it grew darker and darker and darker. Until BOOM I finally landed. When I looked around it was very, very strange. It had feather trees, strange little creatures hunting around for who approaches the King. I was in feather land.

A little mouse suddenly came up to me, he had two eyes, four feet, six arms and three ears. He gave me a present, it was made out of feathers shaped like diamonds and it had lollies in it. “What is this for?” I asked and “who are you?”. “Sorry for not introducing myself, Hi my name is Sam and I am the King’s servant. He told me to give this to you. Hide it and never give it away, if you break this the world will end our world”. “Ok” I replied nervously, I was scared that I would forget his words.

Before I could ask how to get home, the ground was shaking

“what is happening?” I thought and suddenly I was back home in the garden. I took the present to my room for safe keeping. Sadly one of my little brothers or sisters came in and accidentally broke my gift. I screamed “WHAT DO I DO NOW? it is BROKEN what do I do NOW.” I amazingly heard Sam’s voice “Calm down, what you can do is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE or you can go on an airplane as fast as you can and go to another country, now go before it’s too late and don’t forget to take your family”.

Off we went in a massive rush my Dad drove as fast as he could to get to the airport. When we got to the airport there were already people there. “Fish fingers” I said angrily as we

were pushed and shoved. “Guys look there is a empty airplane right over there” said Dad. Dad was an airplane captain and so he knew all about airplanes. “HURRY UP guys if we want to survive, our only option is die or go on a airplane and survive, so which one die or survive?” I said rushingly. Everyone went with survive and so off we went into the airplane. Unfortunately the plane needed gas but there was no gas stations around. Luckily there was a gas tank nearby. “Wait here guys I will be right back” said Dad. Finally my dad came back. “As soon as he is finished with the gas we can go” said Mum. On the radio they were counting down when America was going to end, they started from “20, 19, 18”. “Hurry up Dad or else we will be destroyed. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0” said the radio. BOOM it was shaking like a cow moving side to side, I Thanked God that we had lifted off in time.

We went to our new home town in Auckland, New Zealand Glen Innes. I went to St Pius X School. I opened my eyes to see if it was true that we were safe and it was.

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