Saturday, May 24, 2008

St. Pius X - Easter Liturgy Report

Being a Catholic School we celebrate the very special event that is Easter. This is a time of the year important to us as this is when Jesus died on the cross for us. We celebrate this event through a liturgy where we act out the events leading up to Jesus' death.



St. Pius X - Room 6 said...

Wow, you are very clever and should be really proud of yourselves.
I'm very impressed and I'm looking forward to your next posting.

Miss G :-)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your Easter Liturgy movie and I like the way you spoke so clearly

Anonymous said...

What a joyous occasion

Anonymous said...

Well done, it looks like you had loads of fun putting this fine production together, great work!!


Anonymous said...

Well done, Naomi, Ofa, Alice and Selaima, you used clear, expressive voices that made the report easy to listen to. The Easter Liturgy was a meaningful time for us to reflect on the Easter story.

Mrs Benade

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed your movie it was very interesting and lovely to watch......Well Done.....


Pt England School said...

Wow I thought your report about the liturgy was amazing. I am not a Catholic so I found it really interesting. I am sure that many other people of different religions would be keen to find out some interesting information about your religion. Great speaking and great report. Well done.

Mrs Lagitupu
Pt England School