Friday, May 23, 2008

St. Pius X - Year 8 Retreat

The Year 8's all spent an over night retreat at the Friary, to build up their leadership and working together skills.


St. Pius X - Room 6 said...

This is wonderful, I am so proud of you!!!
This is a great recount of your retreat.
You should be really proud of your achievements. I'm looking forward to your next posting.

Miss G :-)

Anonymous said...

It is good to see you forming a relationship with God and building your faith

Anonymous said...

I am pleased that you had a great time on your retreat. Your recount was very well written and I enjoyed seeing your photos.
Mrs Gleeson

Anonymous said...

i think that this is the best movie out of all three so, you should be really proud of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!! what a amazing trip that was for all of you year8. Were you tired after coming back from retreat

from Gloria,Kasey,Ember,Soane.

St Pius-Room6 said...

terrific!!!!!you have done a great job of doing your movie. you must have had a great time at retreat.We will be looking foward to your next movie.

Ipu,Mikey,Ofa and Selaima

Anonymous said...

That was a great recount about a very special time. Ipu, Tuitupou, Peter and Susana you effectively showed how much the retreat was enjoyed and valued by all who went.
Well done!

Mrs Benade

carla trueman said...

I really enjoyed to see your recount. The retreat seems to be a very welcome and peacefull place. I really enjoyed to see your photos. What a wonderfull trip that must have been.

Carla, William Trueman
Portugal - Porto

Anonymous said...

that was a great video about year 8 retreat...


From Room7

Anonymous said...

Awesome guys!!! that was a great movie im looking foward to watch another one from uses.You guys really showed how much peacefulness
and faith uses had at retreat.

From room7

Anonymous said...

That was so awesome and that was a cool movie... i am looking foward 2 watch another movie room 6....!!!

1111111 1
1111111 1

Anonymous said...

Wow room 2 that sure was a lovely movie you made with the help of room 6. I think you all spoke clearly and I think you all should give yourself a pat on the back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry room 6 i'm really clumsy i mean yr 8 retreat people should give themself a pat on the back