Sunday, July 1, 2012

Simione's Imaginative Story

“Get up Simione” yelled my Mum. “Go and dig a hole for dad’s apple tree”.
“Okay Mum, I will do it when I get up”.
Mum got angry and she said to me “Hurry up before I get up and drag you out so you can do it”. So I got up and walked out of the house and went to the shed to grab my spade and start to dig. I asked myself “How long is this going to take?”

Suddenly I fell in this deep hole that took me to a world called Tonga. Once I landed. I saw the king of Tonga and he was so rich that I wanted to be like him. He said to me “Where are you from?” and I said “I am from New Zealand and I came here because I fell in this hole that I was digging, that is why I am stuck here with you”. I said to the king of Tonga “This place is a hot place, I would love a drink of water.” So king Misiotei took me to his house and gave me a drink. He said to me again “Take this crown to your place and I will know that you have it, Go now and hide it”.

I suddenly woke back up and checked that I still had the crown. I had it in my hand so I ran and hid it safely.


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