Monday, April 26, 2010

Holiday Programme

During the April Holidays at St. Pius X School, the children and Halamehi came to the Holiday Programme. Halamehi and the children and me were happy because it was fun and we were with our friends.
We went to the front of the hall to play football. At the Holiday Programme we ate ice-cream and ate cake.
I was happy at my home sleeping with my brother and I was glad on Sunday because we went to church and when we finished church we went home.
We came back to school on Monday to see my friends, I am happy to play rugby and again back at school.
By Poni


Angelica said...

Well Poni that was a great recount.
keep up the hard work and I hope to see more wonderful work from you

Great Job

room7 said...

keep the good writing coming.

It is great to see you inproving Poni.

well done.

Shaianne and Seini Siale