Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Scared Emotion

We had to show the emotion of being scared. We had to show this through our photo and voice.


Rachael said...

Frightened! Wow that was some movie. I like the way Dorothy showed her emotions, and I just love the way Angelica expressed her feelings and emotions through her voice, well done! I hope their will be another "emotion movie" like yours.


Justice Rm7 said...

Well done! Well done indeed. Both of you showed your emotions and showed how worried and scared you were at the same time.

Justice Rm7

kahlanie said...

hey pretty good u could do better

Lavinia said...

Wow that was an really awesome movie I agree with Rachael,Dorothy did show her emotions and how Angelica expressed her feelings

Well Done

Robertanna Moa said...

OMG thats was so cool and amazing

I loved that BRAVO GIRLS!

By Your Friend Robertanna Moa


nita said...

wonderful work angelica and i love the endings!!!:)