Friday, April 23, 2010

My Holidays

Hooray! I woke on a Sunday morning; it was my mum’s birthday. I ran up to my mum and gave her a big hug and said ‘Happy Birthday!’ I gave a card as a present. My family and I were taking two Easter eggs to my cousins called T.J and Waimiri in Papatoetoe.

Finally we got there. I was so excited because I hadn’t seen them in 2 years. I ran up to them like I was hugging a stuffed, brown, fluffy bear.

I was hungry, so my Mum and Dad took my two sisters and my brother to ‘Mc Donald’s’. First I went on the big colourful playground. I went on the slippery pink slide. It was time to eat our burgers, chips, drinks and our sweet vanilla ice-creams. Eventually we went back home and had a good sleep!

By Dorothy

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Angelica said...

Well Done Dorothy
I enjoyed that recount alot....
Hope to see more....