Monday, June 14, 2010

Catholic School's Day

On Friday at 10.00am, St Pius X went to St Marks in Pakuranga, with St Patricks. St Pius students all got in the bus in the really cold weather.
At St Marks we were all excited and had to line up in the rain. I was sad because the concert was cancelled due to the terrible weather.
In the church, we had to wait for a while because the priest came late, so we had to practise a song. While we were singing we stopped and sang again and again and again. The priest arrived and we started the mass. First we sang the entrance hymn while the three priests were walking. Mass ended and the choir stepped up and sang 'Iparadisi'. All of a sudden St Patricks had to go. We all got divided into classes. Poni, Kahlanie, Saufoi, and I were in Room 12. When we got to Room 12 we ate our lunch and when we were finished eating, we played a game of speed. Mrs Pole came and said "Come on guys let's go." and we all went and said our goodbyes and then we went back to school.


Mrs Pole said...

Francis, reading your recount brought back memories of that day. Despite the rain we did have such fun.I like the way you have included feelings in your writing.Also you are beginning to use direct speech to add interest.I look forward to reading your next published piece of writing.
Mrs Pole

Mrs Laing said...

Francis, It must feel great to have published your writing onto the blog :) I look forward to reading more, especially now that you have learnt so many different ways to start your sentences!

daniel said...

good work.