Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip To My Dad's House

On a scary Friday night I waited impatiently for my dad as the night continued to get darker and darker.
You see I hadn’t seen my dad for a long time. My mum promised me he would come.

As the night continued to get darker I waited and waited till I couldn’t wait anymore, a shiny bright light shone somewhere on the road. A van was right in front of my house. I couldn’t wait as a man stepped right out of the van.

I recognized him at once, it happened be my dad. I went inside the van that was very long. I had started to eat with my dad’s family and the size of his family was huge. There were my cousin’s, Eddie, Tyra, Alisha, David, Liz and Samantha. I walked tiredly upstairs to sleep because I was so tired.

Next morning I had a lovely breakfast that had cooked eggs, tasty juicy bacon and yummy ham. I played “pool table” with my cousin Tyra. I lost halfway through the game because I shot the eight ball in the hole.

During the day, I went to the Westfield shopping mall, because my aunty needed to buy me a black-striped shirt. Next I found out that I had $20 dollar’s from my grandma and brought a silver light laser gun. The laser gun has special lights that you can see from over 5 metres.

When I got home I slept because I was so tired from all the walking.

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Mrs Laing said...

Emmanuel, I am so happy to see your writing published on to the blog :) You have described your sense of anticipation and impatience(as you were waiting for your Dad) very well. At times it can be hard to be patient. I remember talking with you about how "the afternoon stretches for miles", in the Journal story we read. When I am really looking forward to something, time seems to slow right down for me too! Keep on writing, I look forward to reading more :)