Friday, June 18, 2010

Kids For Kids Choir

Just when the curtains opened everyone in the choir looked stunned when they saw their parents and all the other people. We all started with a song called “OH WHAT A NIGHT” then we sang a few songs. Suddenly I heard my name so I stood with excitement and then I began to sing “Ben”.
When I sang half of the song the crowd started to clap and I began to laugh with happiness, I was really proud of myself.
Just when Angelica stood up to do her part she felt stage fright, she sang “Some where over the Rainbow” which was Miss Gleeson best song ever. Angelica began to sing her song, she sang it and she made some of the people cry with amazement in their eyes. What a wonderful song.
Later on a cat came out of the back stage and the cat was so funny it made the people laugh and also the kids. We heard a name Timmy, he was funny and cool and he had problem with his teeth. His teeth stuck out and he couldn’t talk good, but he still could sing. In real life it was Susanne Prentice.
That was a big day.
The funniest part was when Susanne Prentice got dressed into a boy. The best part of the experience was when I sang in front of so many people.


Mrs Laing said...

Thanks for posting this so quickly Waterlily! What a great recount of your very special night. I love the song Ben and I hope that someday I will be able to hear you sing it. I can really hear your 'voice' through the descriptive way you have written "I began to laugh with happiness, I was really proud of myself" You have good reason to feel proud, of your singing last night and also of the wonderful way you have written about it :)

Glenbrae Room 7 said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic night. room 7 are really jealous that you got to go and sing with Suzanne Prentiss. We usually go as well but, somehow this year we missed out.
Congratulations on your great performance.
Mrs Boyer

nita said...

ohhh i wish iwas there :(:(:(:(:

wonderful work lily...LOL


ilaisaane said...

i hope i will join choir next year

wonderful excitment

Bravo cousin.

Dorothy said...

Thanks for an awesome piece of writing. It sounds like you had great fun out there and sang your best. Good job and keep it up!

lika said...

GREAT job girl what a lovely song I love that voice you have.