Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Fireman

The firemen saves lives of people and animals. They have helmets and a big red truck for the fire. They help if houses are on fire and have helped me in Tonga.

Everyday the alarm rings because of fires. The alarm calls to the truck to go out on the road.

Here comes the big man with the boots on his feet. One by one they jump down the pole and climb into the big red truck. They go down the road to the fire.

Firemen are important because without them, the fires would keep burning.


Miss Walker said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your report about firefighters. I agree, they are very important people. I think it must be exciting and also scary to do that job.
Would you like to be a fireman?

Mrs Laing said...

Poni, You seem to really enjoy writing because you have such good focus when you write. I am so pleased to see you publishing on to this blog. I look foward to reading more of your writing, even after I have left Room 6! :)

Mrs Pole said...

Poni, an interesting report about firemen. I particularly enjoyed the third paragraph.
I would be interested to know how firemen have helped you in Tonga?

Mrs Pole