Monday, July 2, 2012

Christopher's Imaginative Story

On a sunny weather day I was still in bed  then my Mum came and angrily at me and shouted at me to get out of bed. and said She “go and dig a hole at the back”.then i went to the back I started digging  deep hole.  I dug deeper and deeper. Suddenly the wind blew me down the hole. When I was in the hole I saw trees and buses and when I looked down to the sign it said Orange Mz.

Orange Mz had grass and cars everywhere.  It looked like a fun place.  

A big man walked past me, he was huge and he talked to me. He said “take this to your world”. He handed me a Bayblade, The Bayblade was round and it was hard and grey.  

I went back to my world and I kept it somewhere safe where no one would find it.

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