Friday, July 6, 2012

Frank's Imaginative Story

“Go and help your Dad in the gardens” shouted my Mum. I walked over to my Dad slowly and he shouted “I want you to dig a big hole until I tell you to stop, I’m going to make myself a coffee” “yes Dad” I whispered.

“I’m bored” I said to myself. But I have to do this so I dug and dug until I stepped in the wrong place and suddenly I fell and hit my head on a hard rock. I opened my eyes and I looked around and I saw small trees and very big grass all over the place and a volcano looking like it was going to erupt. I whispered to myself “where am I?” and a giant bee flew across my face. I was scared.

I saw a giant man and he had a big body with strong legs and arms, four arms and four eyes coming close to me. I got up and ran but suddenly I tripped on the rock that I had knocked my head on. The giant man picked me up and he whispered “who are you?” I whispered back “who are you?” and he answered “I’m Four Arms”. I answered back “I’m Robin, where am I?” “you're in the Mysteries Island?” Four Arms shouted. “where can I get out of this place?” I whispered to Four Arms and Four Arms yelled “here this is a golden compass”. The compass was shiny, golden and amazing. He threw me the compass and he said “where do you live, North or South?” I opened the compass and pointed the compass to North because we lived in North and suddenly my house appeared. I walked straight then I turned back to Four Arms and he yelled “goodbye” and I whispered back to Four Arms “goodbye”. I turned and I walked straight to my house.

As soon as I got back my dad came with his coffee and yelled “stop now you can have a rest, where did you get that compass?” and lied so I wouldn’t get in trouble and said “I found it over here” and sat down for a rest.

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