Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jane's Imaginative Story

“I need help here” Dad yelled, Mum called me to go and help. Once I got outside it was cold with a little bit of sun.
Dad told me that he needed a hole to plant his big tree so I knew when I dug the hole I would get warmer. I began to daydream because I had no one to dig with and the hole got deeper and deeper. I did not even think to stop digging. I looked back up to see that I was way too far from home. I yelled as loud as I could ”Can someone help me down here?“ but no one could hear me so I kept on digging sadly down by myself.

Suddenly I fell, I could not even see anything. I opened my eyes and said to myself “Where am I?” I looked around and felt something under my feet, I looked to the ground where my feet were, and the ground was squishy.

I was so lonely and there was no one with me. I talked to myself and ended up crying because I thought I was lost.

Suddenly a man came to me and said “who are you?” I told him my name and he said “my name is Jim-Jim”. I said “do you know where I am?”. He said “you are in Banana world”. “Banana world hahahaha“ I yelled, but it did not seem funny to Jim-Jim.

Jim-Jim was little and he had big feet, three eyes, one leg and two arms joined together and one head. Jim-Jim took me to this big house where trees grew really large. I looked around and there was candy and banana on the trees. I said to Jim-Jim “what do you call this kind of tree?” he said “In our language we call it candy cane banana trees”, “ooooooo” I said to myself.

At last he said to me “it time for you to go back home”. I sadly said “yes” before I went home Jim-Jim gave me a present to remember him. I looked to the present that Jim-Jim gave me, it was a little smooshy dog with a huge banana next to him. I said “thank you Jim-Jim” then I ran to go back home. I yelled “ goodbye Jim-Jim” and he said goodbye back to me.

When I got home I was next to the hole that I dug in my backyard. Then I went to my room and hid my present under my bed. I really enjoyed my day in Banana world and I hope that I could go there again.

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