Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pigeon Impossible Short Film

Last week Room 3 watched a short film called Pigeon:Impossible. It was a fantastic animated short film by Pixar. We watched this to help us understand the structure of a narrative. Each student then had to describe the plot, problem and solution that occured in the film. Here is what Kelly wrote........
Plot: In the story Pigeon Impossible there was a man who had a mysterious silver case in his hand but it was handed to him by an unknown person on the streets. He found a chair on the side of the road and he had a seat. Next a pigeon came flying down to him because he was eating his lunch which was a doughnut. The pigeon’s eyes were stuck on the doughnut for a while, but then he finally he went to try and get it. Walter did not let him have any, so the pigeon got angry then suddenly he saw the case and jumped in the case, he closed it and pushed a heap of buttons. 
The buttons in the case were actually weapons, then things got worse. Walter pushed the button that lead to the rocket so shooed the pigeon away and got the case. Walter had to fly up into the air and kill the rocket so it would stop. Before he blew it up the pigeon followed him up in the air as the doughnut was in his case, so he opened his case up and it dropped the doughnut and it fell through the clouds.  
After Walter had shot down the missile he also went down to the ground, but he didn’t fall he flew down. Walter got back to the ground then saw the Pigeon eating the doughnut. Walter walked away and next it was time for something bad to happen to the Pigeon, he got squashed by the part of the broken rocket.

Problem: The Pigeon wanted the doughnut, Walter couldn't get his case from the bird and the rocket was activated.

Solution: Walter got his case back form the Pigeon, Walter stopped the rocket by firing a missile at it, the Pigeon got squished.

Your opinion of the story: My opinion of Pigeon Impossible is that it was funny because something bad happened to the Pigeon for his naughty behavior.

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Teanoano said...

Sounds fun was it scary when you saw somthing bad happened